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Hi. Things I do:

This is my 10,000th edit: [1]

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Task Marketing Commons, making it famous Improving software design, interface Making it easier for new users Rewarding contributors Communication with WMF projects
Why important? If no one knows us, we can't achieve our mission. The more eyeballs, the more contributors => the better the content. Many cool media related features missing. Learning curve is too steep, puts off potential contributors. Compare to other web 2.0 projects usability. The community makes us who we are, and they deserve to be recognised. Also reinforces desirable behavior. They are our prime customers and also content providers.
What to do/create

Two-thirds of Wikimedia's total files are hosted at Commons.

Commons 1.0 - what do we need?

Community interaction - w:User:BirgitteSB's unsolicited advice:
The one over-riding feature of open wikis, is that you cannot get rid of the people you wish to. If you can learn to work with the top five people you wish would exercise their right to vanish, you will have succeeded at the wiki experience. Because even if they did leave (which they won't), someone worse would fill their void. The cycle of the same people vehemently opposing each other in the same manner again and again over interchangeable issues, ends in nothing actually being accomplished on these issues.

When you disagree with people, do so in full honesty, but avoid trying to damage their public image at the same time. Make an extra effort to be vocal in your support for the ideas of your "top 5" on the occasions when you happen to agree with them. And also make an extra effort to publicly disagree with your friends when you happen to disagree on an issue. The quasi-political loyalty which leads to the opposite behaviors is destroying Wikimedia IMHO.