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  1. w:id:Situs Warisan Dunia UNESCO links to Category:UN World Heritage Sites [Search]
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  2. w:id:Istana Matsumoto links to Category:Istana Matsumoto [Search]
  3. w:id:Lamia links to Category:Lamia [Search]
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      2. page was deleted at 2010-01-08T09:17:25Z; comment: Empty category
  4. w:id:Biberbach links to Category:Biberbach [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-08-03T08:18:14Z; comment: Renamed category: content was: "This category contains media from Biberbach, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany. For media from Biberbach, Austria, see Category:Biberbach (Niederösterreich). ---- {{tlx|de|Biberbach (Schwaben), Landkreis Augsburg, Bay
  5. w:id:Anno 1404 links to Category:Anno 1404 [Search]
  6. w:id:Ardrahan links to Category:Ardrahan cheese [Search]
  7. w:id:Gempa Lisbon 1755 links to Category:1755 Lisbon earthquake [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-11-02T13:49:06Z; comment: content was: '{{categoryredirect|Lisbon earthquake of 1755}}'
  8. w:id:Roquefort links to Category:Roquefort cheese [Search]
  9. w:id:Herrgårdsost links to Category:Herrgårdsost cheese [Search]
  10. w:id:Kopi tubruk links to Category:Kopi tubruk [Search]
  11. w:id:Comté links to Category:Comté [Search]
  12. w:id:Wenceslaus I dari Bohemia links to Category:Wenceslaus I dari Bohemia [Search]
  13. w:id:Pertempuran Champagne Pertama links to Category:Pertempuran Champagne Pertama [Search]
  14. w:id:Saus Hollandaise links to Category:Hollandaise sauce [Search]
  15. w:id:Schabziger links to Category:Schabziger cheese [Search]
  16. w:id:Aphanopetalaceae links to Aphanopetalaceae [Search]
  17. w:id:Salicaceae links to Salicaceae [Search]
  18. w:id:Mayacaceae links to Mayacaceae [Search]
  19. w:id:Portulacaceae links to Portulacaceae [Search]
  20. w:id:Pertempuran Iwo Jima links to Pertempuran Iwo Jima [Search]
  21. w:id:LR 300 (senapan) links to LR-300 [Search]
  22. w:id:Stadion Abe Lenstra links to Abe Lenstra Stadion [Search]
  23. w:id:Heliconiaceae links to Heliconiaceae [Search]
  24. w:id:Marie-Antoine Carême links to Carême [Search]
  25. w:id:Trochodendraceae links to Trochodendraceae [Search]
  26. w:id:Zosteraceae links to Zosteraceae [Search]
  27. w:id:Lynx (rasi bintang) links to Lynx (rasi bintang) [Search]
  28. w:id:Emmy Rossum links to Emmy Rossum [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-15T14:35:32Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect
      2. page was deleted at 2008-06-22T13:51:32Z; comment: empty gallery
    • note: Category:Emmy Rossum exists
  29. w:id:Aristolochiaceae links to Aristolochiaceae [Search]
  30. w:id:Partai Komunis India (Maois) links to Communist Party of India (Maoist) [Search]
  31. w:id:Lowiaceae links to Lowiaceae [Search]
  32. w:id:Misodendraceae links to Misodendraceae [Search]
  33. w:id:Marie dari Burgundia links to Marie dari Burgundia [Search]
  34. w:id:Diegodendraceae links to Diegodendraceae [Search]
  35. w:id:Maroilles links to Maroilles [Search]
  36. w:id:Saint Paul, Minnesota links to Saint Paul, Minnesota [Search]
  37. w:id:Achatocarpaceae links to Achatocarpaceae [Search]
  38. w:id:Khoi links to Khoikhoi [Search]
  39. w:id:Hog cholera links to Hog Cholera [Search]
  40. w:id:Areopagos links to Category:Aeropagos [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-08-03T08:20:41Z; comment: Wrongly named. Replaced by Category:Areopagus.
  41. w:id:Gempa bumi Eureka 2010 links to Category:2010 Eureka earthquake [Search]
  42. w:id:Edremit, Balıkesir links to Category:Edremit [Search]
  43. w:id:The Center links to Category:The Center [Search]
  44. w:id:Topan Talas (2011) links to Category:Typhoon Talas (2011) [Search]
  45. w:id:Vocaloid links to Category:Vocaloid [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-04T22:43:47Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Vocaloids
  46. w:id:Layang-layang links to Category:Kite [Search]
  47. w:id:Gubbeen links to Category:Gubbeen cheese [Search]
  48. w:id:Galang, Deli Serdang links to Category:Galang [Search]
  49. w:id:Kanton Basel-Negeri links to Category:Basel-Country [Search]
  50. w:id:Pau links to Category:Pau [Search]
  51. w:id:Dewan Federal Swiss links to Category:Anggota Dewan Federal Swiss [Search]
  52. w:id:Pertempuran Champagne Kedua links to Category:Pertempuran Champagne Kedua [Search]
  53. w:id:Liptauer links to Category:Liptauer cheese [Search]
  54. w:id:Wiski Skotch links to Category:Scotch whisky [Search]
  55. w:id:Erzsébet dari Hongaria links to Category:Elisabeth dari Hongaria [Search]
  56. w:id:Daftar negara bagian dan wilayah di India links to Category:Indian states and union territories [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-07T09:48:30Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirect: content was: "{{category redirect|Locator maps of states of India}}"
  57. w:id:Gerhana bulan Juni 2011 links to Category:Gerhana bulan 15 Juni 2011 [Search]
  58. w:id:Prefektur Gifu links to Category:Gifu Prefecture [Search]
  59. w:id:Langres links to Category:Langres cheese [Search]
  60. w:id:São Jorge links to Category:São Jorge cheese [Search]
  61. w:id:KTX links to Category:Korea Train eXpress [Search]
  62. w:id:Palatul Parlamentului links to Category:Palace of the Parliament [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-06T08:32:50Z; comment: Ambiguous name and moved to Palace_of_the_Parliament of Romania
  63. w:id:Gaperon links to Category:Gaperon cheese [Search]
  64. w:id:Amunisi links to Category:Amunisi [Search]
  65. w:id:Remiro II dari Aragon links to Category:Remiro II of Aragon [Search]
  66. w:id:Aufseß links to Category:Aufseß, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-06-15T18:17:03Z; comment: Empty category: content was: "de: Die Gemeinde Aufseß im Landkreis Bayreuth liegt inmitten der Fränkischen Schweiz an der Burgenstraße und der Fränkischen Bierstraße. Die Orte Ober- und Unteraufseß gruppieren sich um ihre Schl�
  67. w:id:Daftar Presiden Otoritas Nasional Palestina links to Atlas of Palestina [Search]
  68. w:id:Jalan Ketiga (Palestina) links to Atlas of Palestina [Search]
  69. w:id:Konflik Fatah dan Hamas links to Atlas of Palestina [Search]
  70. w:id:Picramniaceae links to Picramniaceae [Search]
  71. w:id:Strelitziaceae links to Strelitziaceae [Search]
  72. w:id:Dilleniaceae links to Dilleniaceae [Search]
  73. w:id:Siklotron links to Siklotron [Search]
  74. w:id:Diktator Romawi links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  75. w:id:Triumvirat links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  76. w:id:Dominatus links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  77. w:id:Principatus links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  78. w:id:Princeps Senatus links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  79. w:id:Tribunus links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  80. w:id:Pontifex Maximus links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  81. w:id:Sensor (Romawi Kuno) links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  82. w:id:Pretor links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  83. w:id:Kuestor links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  84. w:id:Prokonsul links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  85. w:id:Legatus links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  86. w:id:Dux links to Atlas of Romawi Kuno [Search]
  87. w:id:Albrecht I dari Jerman links to Albrecht I dari Habsburg [Search]
  88. w:id:Lubuntu links to Lubuntu [Search]
  89. w:id:Musaceae links to Musaceae [Search]
  90. w:id:Huaceae links to Huaceae [Search]
  91. w:id:Bundesautobahn 253 links to Bundesautobahn 253 [Search]
  92. w:id:Phyllanthaceae links to Phyllanthaceae [Search]
  93. w:id:Restionaceae links to Restionaceae [Search]
  94. w:id:Velloziaceae links to Velloziaceae [Search]
  95. w:id:Byblidaceae links to Byblidaceae [Search]
  96. w:id:Sarcolaenaceae links to Sarcolaenaceae [Search]
  97. w:id:Menispermaceae links to Menispermaceae [Search]
  98. w:id:Ketua Menteri Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  99. w:id:Hukum di Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  100. w:id:Daftar Ketua Parlemen Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  101. w:id:Pemilihan umum Gibraltar 1996 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  102. w:id:Pemilihan umum Gibraltar 2000 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  103. w:id:Pemilihan umum Gibraltar 2003 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  104. w:id:Daftar partai politik di Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  105. w:id:Parlemen Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  106. w:id:Pemerintah Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  107. w:id:Partai Liberal Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  108. w:id:Status sengketa Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  109. w:id:Referendum kedaulatan Gibraltar 2002 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  110. w:id:Referendum kedaulatan Gibraltar 1967 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  111. w:id:Konstitusi Gibraltar 1969 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  112. w:id:Konstitusi Gibraltar 2006 links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  113. w:id:Sistem pengadilan di Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  114. w:id:Gubernur Gibraltar links to Atlas of Gibralter [Search]
  115. w:id:Setchellanthaceae links to Setchellanthaceae [Search]
  116. w:id:Urticaceae links to Urticaceae [Search]
  117. w:id:Burmanniaceae links to Burmanniaceae [Search]
  118. w:id:SDN Pondok Kelapa 07 Pagi links to State Elementary School Pondok Kelapa 07 Pagi, 09 Pagi, 11 Petang and 12 Petang [Search]
  119. w:id:SDN Pondok Kelapa 09 Pagi links to State Elementary School Pondok Kelapa 07 Pagi, 09 Pagi, 11 Petang and 12 Petang [Search]
  120. w:id:SDN Pondok Kelapa 11 Petang links to State Elementary School Pondok Kelapa 07 Pagi, 09 Pagi, 11 Petang and 12 Petang [Search]
  121. w:id:SDN Pondok Kelapa 12 Petang links to State Elementary School Pondok Kelapa 07 Pagi, 09 Pagi, 11 Petang and 12 Petang [Search]
  122. w:id:Cannabaceae links to Cannabaceae [Search]
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    • note: Category:Cannabaceae exists
  123. w:id:Koeberliniaceae links to Koeberliniaceae [Search]
  124. w:id:Pertempuran Guillemont links to Category:Pertempuran Guillemont [Search]
  125. w:id:Daftar makhluk mitologi Yunani links to Category:Greek mythological creatures [Search]
  126. w:id:Bissingen links to Category:Bissingen [Search]
  127. w:id:Sharp Corporation links to Category:Sharp [Search]
  128. w:id:Pertempuran Ancre links to Category:Pertempuran Ancre [Search]
  129. w:id:Sage Derby links to Category:Sage Derby cheese [Search]
  130. w:id:Bandar Udara Umeå links to Category:Bandar Udara Umeå [Search]
  131. w:id:Anjing trah links to Category:Purebred dog [Search]
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  132. w:id:Chaumes links to Category:Chaumes cheese [Search]
  133. w:id:Pulau Pangkor links to Category:Pulau Pangkor [Search]
  134. w:id:Cleopatra (film 1963) links to Category:Cleopatra (film 1963) [Search]
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  135. w:id:Finistère links to Category:Finistére [Search]
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  136. w:id:Stasiun Hakata links to Category:Stasiun Hakata [Search]
  137. w:id:Wálter Samuel links to Category:Wálter Samuel [Search]
  138. w:id:Quark (keju) links to Category:Quark [Search]
  139. w:id:Adelheid dari Austria links to Category:Adelheid dari Austria [Search]
  140. w:id:Toilet di Jepang links to Category:Japanese toilets [Search]
  141. w:id:Sicone dari Benevento links to Category:Sicone dari Benevento [Search]
  142. w:id:Samsø links to Category:Samsø cheese [Search]
  143. w:id:Bächingen an der Brenz links to Category:Bächingen an der Benz [Search]
  144. w:id:Garryales links to Garryales [Search]
  145. w:id:Kondom links to Condoms [Search]
  146. w:id:Pedaliaceae links to Pedaliaceae [Search]
  147. w:id:Geografi Britania Raya links to Geography of the United Kingdom [Search]
  148. w:id:Ixerbaceae links to Ixerbaceae [Search]
  149. w:id:Drosophyllaceae links to Drosophyllaceae [Search]
  150. w:id:Lardizabalaceae links to Lardizabalaceae [Search]
  151. w:id:McDonnell Douglas MD-82 links to McDonnell Douglas MD-80/MD-82/MD-90 [Search]
  152. w:id:Buddhisme di Korea links to Buddhism in Korea [Search]
  153. w:id:Changgeuk links to Changgeuk [Search]
  154. w:id:Anacardiaceae links to Anacardiaceae [Search]
  155. w:id:Cachan links to Cachan [Search]
  156. w:id:Permaisuri Kōjun links to Category:Permaisuri Kōjun [Search]
  157. w:id:Blue Vinny links to Category:Dorset Blue Vinney cheese [Search]
  158. w:id:Peggy Ashcroft links to Category:Peggy Ashcroft [Search]
  159. w:id:Louis II dari Italia links to Category:Louis II, Kaisar Romawi Suci [Search]
  160. w:id:Saus Béchamel links to Category:Béchamel sauce [Search]
  161. w:id:Marcus Porcius Cato links to Category:Cato the elder [Search]
  162. w:id:Keju Stinking Bishop links to Category:Stinking Bishop cheese [Search]
  163. w:id:Carlos III dari Navarra links to Category:Charles III dari Navarra [Search]
  164. w:id:Daftar Menteri Luar Negeri Perancis links to Category:Ministère des Affaires étrangères du Quai d'Orsay [Search]
  165. w:id:Negroni links to Category:Negroni [Search]
  166. w:id:Delta II links to Category:Delta (Rocket) [Search]
  167. w:id:Bechhofen links to Category:Bechhofen (Mittelfranken) [Search]
  168. w:id:Twinings links to Category:Twinnings [Search]
  169. w:id:Abbaye de Belloc links to Category:Abbaye de Belloc cheese [Search]
  170. w:id:Bradley Smith (pembalap) links to Category:Bradley Smith (pembalap) [Search]
  171. w:id:Cashel Blue links to Category:Cashel Blue cheese [Search]
  172. w:id:Hausen, Forchheim links to Category:Hausen [Search]
  173. w:id:Pelatih links to Category:Sport coaches [Search]
  174. w:id:Lothaire II dari Lorraine links to Category:Lothair II dari Lorraine [Search]
  175. w:id:Neumünster links to Category:Neumünster, Germany [Search]
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  176. w:id:Forint links to Category:Bills of Hungary [Search]
  177. w:id:Ädelost links to Category:Ädelost cheese [Search]
  178. w:id:Bet-Semes links to Category:Bet-Semes [Search]
  179. w:id:Grup C Kejuaraan Sepak Bola Eropa UEFA 2012 links to Category:Spain - Italy, 10 Jun 201 [Search]
  180. w:id:Transportasi rel di Indonesia links to Category:Trains in Indonesia [Search]
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  181. w:id:Sejarah perkeretaapian di Indonesia links to Category:Trains in Indonesia [Search]
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  182. w:id:Daftar kereta api di Indonesia links to Category:Trains in Indonesia [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-05-06T22:13:30Z; comment: content was: '{{duplicate|:Category:Rail transport in Indonesia}}'
  183. w:id:Picodon links to Category:Picodon cheese [Search]
  184. w:id:Etorki links to Category:Etorki cheese [Search]
  185. w:id:Prasasti Batutulis links to Category:Batutulis Inscription [Search]
  186. w:id:Königstein, Bayern links to Category:Königstein [Search]
  187. w:id:Biola links to Category:Bows (Music) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-09-24T17:01:56Z; comment: Moved to Category:Bows (music).
  188. w:id:Westerngrund links to Category:Westengrund [Search]
  189. w:id:Keju Dunlop links to Category:Dunlop cheese [Search]
  190. w:id:Stasiun Shinjuku links to Category:Shinjuku station [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-22T07:37:18Z; comment: Renamed category: (incorrectly named) duplicate, content moved to Category:Shinjuku Station
  191. w:id:Gay links to Category:Gayism [Search]
  192. w:id:Shin Saimdang links to Category:Category:Shin Saimdang [Search]
  193. w:id:Hulaliu, Haruku, Maluku Tengah links to Category:Hulaliu [Search]
  194. w:id:Forada, Minnesota links to Category:Forada, Minnesota [Search]
  195. w:id:Turku links to Category:Turku, Finland [Search]
  196. w:id:Hollfeld links to Category:Hollsfeld [Search]
  197. w:id:Przemysł II links to Category:Przemysł II dari Polandia [Search]
  198. w:id:Morbier links to Category:Morbier cheese [Search]
  199. w:id:Sainte-Maure de Touraine links to Category:Sainte-Maure de Touraine [Search]
  200. w:id:Altdorf, Böblingen links to Category:Altdorf (bei Böblingen) [Search]
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  201. w:id:Kontes Lagu Eurovision 2010 links to Category:Eurovision 2010 [Search]
  202. w:id:Bandar Udara Internasional Adi Sumarmo links to Category:Solo Adisumarno airport [Search]
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  203. w:id:Lari (Georgia) links to Category:Georgian lari [Search]
  204. w:id:Worcester College, Oxford links to Category:Worcester College [Search]
  205. w:id:Francis Wawengkang links to Category:Francis Raynald Wawengkang [Search]
  206. w:id:Marktsteft links to Category:Marksteft [Search]
  207. w:id:Tupolev Tu-204 links to Tupolev Tu-204 [Search]
  208. w:id:Sound system (Jamaika) links to Kategori:Sound systems (Jamaican) [Search]
  209. w:id:Vitaceae links to Vitaceae [Search]
  210. w:id:Annonaceae links to Annonaceae [Search]
  211. w:id:Elaeocarpaceae links to Elaeocarpaceae [Search]
  212. w:id:Oxalidaceae links to Oxalidaceae [Search]
  213. w:id:Tal links to Masks of Korea [Search]
  214. w:id:Dioncophyllaceae links to Dioncophyllaceae [Search]
  215. w:id:Asiago (keju) links to Asiago cheese [Search]
  216. w:id:Robert Donat links to Robert Donat [Search]
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  217. w:id:Sirkuit Jalan Raya Adelaide links to Adelaide Street Circuit [Search]
  218. w:id:Clusiaceae links to Clusiaceae [Search]
  219. w:id:Asparagaceae links to Asparagaceae [Search]
  220. w:id:Peniti links to Safety pins [Search]
  221. w:id:Tetrachondraceae links to Tetrachondraceae [Search]
  222. w:id:Nyctaginaceae links to Nyctaginaceae [Search]
  223. w:id:Stade de France links to Stade de France [Search]
  224. w:id:Commelinaceae links to Commelinaceae [Search]
  225. w:id:Bataceae links to Bataceae [Search]
  226. w:id:Angsana Hotel & Suites links to Damas Towers [Search]
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  227. w:id:Sparganiaceae links to Sparganiaceae [Search]
  228. w:id:Kesenian Korea links to Art of Korea [Search]
  229. w:id:Bandar Udara Internasional Kishinev links to Chisinau Airport [Search]
  230. w:id:Nitrariaceae links to Nitrariaceae [Search]
  231. w:id:Orobanchaceae links to Orobanchaceae [Search]
  232. w:id:Millennium Tower, Vienna links to Millennium Towers Wien [Search]
  233. w:id:Eucommiaceae links to Eucommiaceae [Search]
  234. w:id:Blandfordiaceae links to Blandfordiaceae [Search]
  235. w:id:Nymphaeaceae links to Nymphaeaceae [Search]
  236. w:id:Virus Rubela links to Virus Rubela [Search]
  237. w:id:Lophopyxidaceae links to Lophopyxidaceae [Search]
  238. w:id:Gare d'Austerlitz links to Category:Gare d'Austerlitz [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-04-20T20:30:10Z; comment: Mauvaise orthographe il manque Paris devant austerlitz
  239. w:id:Stasiun Semarang Tawang links to Category:Semarang Tawang Station [Search]
  240. w:id:Straubing links to Category:Straubing, Germany [Search]
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  241. w:id:Hydraulophone links to Category:Hydraulophone [Search]
  242. w:id:Badai debu Australia 2009 links to Category:Badai debu Australia 2009 [Search]
  243. w:id:Pertempuran Pozières links to Category:Pertempuran Pozières [Search]
  244. w:id:Münster links to Category:Münster [Search]
  245. w:id:Ede (gemeente) links to Category:Ede [Search]
  246. w:id:Sekering links to Category:Electric fuse [Search]
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    • note: Electric fuse exists
  247. w:id:Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wielkopolski links to Category:Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wielkopolski [Search]
  248. w:id:Gorgon links to Category:Gorgon [Search]
  249. w:id:Saint Agur links to Category:Saint Agur cheese [Search]
  250. w:id:Kopi Vietnam links to Category:Vietnamese iced coffee [Search]
  251. w:id:Festival Film Cannes 2010 links to Category:63rd Cannes Film Festival [Search]
  252. w:id:Faulbach links to Category:Faulbach [Search]
  253. w:id:Generasi yang terampas links to Category:Apology to the Stolen Generation [Search]
  254. w:id:Garpu tala links to Category:Tuning Fork [Search]
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  283. w:id:Penaeaceae links to Penaeaceae [Search]
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  289. w:id:Batu kapur links to Category:Limestone [Search]
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  291. w:id:Bandar Udara Stockholm Västerås links to Category:Stockholm-Västerås flygplats [Search]
  292. w:id:Pertempuran Bukit links to Category:Pertempuran Bukit [Search]
  293. w:id:Fromage Corse links to Category:Fromage fermier de Corse [Search]
  294. w:id:Bana links to Category:Bana [Search]
  295. w:id:Mahón links to Category:Mahón cheese [Search]
  296. w:id:Karl dari Austria-Teschen links to Category:Archduke Charles, Duke of Techen [Search]
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  315. w:id:Ancistrocladaceae links to Ancistrocladaceae [Search]
  316. w:id:Ruppiaceae links to Ruppiaceae [Search]
  317. w:id:Polygalaceae links to Polygalaceae [Search]
  318. w:id:Aislingen links to Aislingen [Search]
  319. w:id:Chrysobalanaceae links to Chrysobalanaceae [Search]
  320. w:id:Stadion Polman links to Polman Stadion [Search]
  321. w:id:Aizoaceae links to Aizoaceae [Search]
  322. w:id:Geografi Perancis links to Geography of France [Search]
  323. w:id:Anisophylleaceae links to Anisophylleaceae [Search]
  324. w:id:Muntingiaceae links to Muntingiaceae [Search]
  325. w:id:Peluru kendali links to Missiles [Search]
  326. w:id:Nartheciaceae links to Nartheciaceae [Search]
  327. w:id:Pyrzyce links to Pyrzyce [Search]
  328. w:id:Ibores links to Category:Ibores cheese [Search]
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  330. w:id:Putri Maria Amélia dari Brasil links to Category:Putri Maria Amélia dari Brasil [Search]
  331. w:id:Bandar Udara Internasional Shahjalal links to Category:Shah Jalal International Airport [Search]
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  337. w:id:Brocciu links to Category:Brocciu [Search]
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  349. w:id:Takhta links to Category:Throne [Search]
  350. w:id:Sukhoi Su-9 (II) links to Sukhoi Su-9 (II) [Search]
  351. w:id:Wasir links to Hemorroids [Search]
  352. w:id:Barbeyaceae links to Barbeyaceae [Search]
  353. w:id:Cochlospermaceae links to Cochlospermaceae [Search]
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  357. w:id:Carlemanniaceae links to Carlemanniaceae [Search]
  358. w:id:Museum Frida Kahlo links to Museo Frida Kahlo [Search]
  359. w:id:Canellaceae links to Canellaceae [Search]
  360. w:id:Linaceae links to Linaceae [Search]
  361. w:id:Daftar Presiden Kamerun links to Atlas of Kamerun [Search]
  362. w:id:Daftar Perdana Menteri Kamerun links to Atlas of Kamerun [Search]
  363. w:id:Pemilihan umum Parlemen Kamerun 2007 links to Atlas of Kamerun [Search]
  364. w:id:Hubungan luar negeri Kamerun links to Atlas of Kamerun [Search]
  365. w:id:Majelis Nasional Kamerun links to Atlas of Kamerun [Search]
  366. w:id:Politik Kamerun links to Atlas of Kamerun [Search]
  367. w:id:Karsbach links to Karsbach [Search]
  368. w:id:Molluginaceae links to Molluginaceae [Search]
  369. w:id:Pandanaceae links to Pandanaceae [Search]
  370. w:id:Smilacaceae links to Smilacaceae [Search]
  371. w:id:Petrosaviaceae links to Petrosaviaceae [Search]
  372. w:id:Wafi City links to Wafi Mall [Search]
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  375. w:id:Connaraceae links to Connaraceae [Search]
  376. w:id:Dewan Negara Kuba links to Atlas of Kuba [Search]
  377. w:id:Icacinaceae links to Icacinaceae [Search]
  378. w:id:Akaniaceae links to Akaniaceae [Search]
  379. w:id:Keju Neufchâtel links to Neufchâtel [Search]
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  383. w:id:Expo 2005 links to Expo 2005 [Search]
  384. w:id:Cucurbitaceae links to Cucurbitaceae [Search]
  385. w:id:Philesiaceae links to Philesiaceae [Search]
  386. w:id:Cercidiphyllaceae links to Cercidiphyllaceae [Search]
  387. w:id:Rudolf I dari Jerman links to Rudolf I dari Habsburg [Search]
  388. w:id:Saururaceae links to Saururaceae [Search]
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  390. w:id:LOT Polish Airlines links to Category:LOT [Search]
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  393. w:id:Pertempuran Ladang Mouguet links to Category:Pertempuran Ladang Mouguet [Search]
  394. w:id:Museum Israel links to Category:Israel museum, Jerusalem [Search]
  395. w:id:Mainzer links to Category:Mainzer cheese [Search]
  396. w:id:Leopold IV, Adipati Bayern links to Category:Leopold IV, Adipati Bayern [Search]
  397. w:id:Agnes dari Rochlitz links to Category:Agnes dari Rochlitz [Search]
  398. w:id:Teluk Fundy links to Category:Bay Of Fundy [Search]
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  400. w:id:Gebenbach links to Category:Gebensbach [Search]
  401. w:id:Pertempuran Ypres Kedua links to Category:Pertempuran Ypres Kedua [Search]
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  404. w:id:Gerbang Ishtar links to Category:Gerbang Ishtar [Search]
  405. w:id:Erwin Schrödinger links to Category:Erwin Sugito Nababan [Search]
  406. w:id:Petit suisse links to Category:Petit suisse cheese [Search]
  407. w:id:Transjakarta links to Category:Transjakarta [Search]
  408. w:id:Kota Tanjungpinang links to Category:Tanjungpinang [Search]
  409. w:id:Kanard (aeronautik) links to Category:Canard Aircraft [Search]
  410. w:id:Oposum virginia links to Category:Didelphis virgiana [Search]
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  414. w:id:Uigwe links to Uigwe [Search]
  415. w:id:Xanthorrhoeaceae links to Xanthorrhoeaceae [Search]
  416. w:id:Garryaceae links to Garryaceae [Search]
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  419. w:id:Semenanjung links to Peninsulas [Search]
  420. w:id:Sabine (kawah) links to Berkas:AS11-41-6121.jpg [Search]
  421. w:id:Ritter (kawah) links to Berkas:AS11-41-6121.jpg [Search]
  422. w:id:Ixioliriaceae links to Xioliriaceae [Search]
  423. w:id:Xioliriaceae links to Xioliriaceae [Search]
  424. w:id:Acanthaceae links to Acanthaceae [Search]
  425. w:id:Al Kazim Towers links to Al Kazim Towers [Search]
  426. w:id:Ochnaceae links to Ochnaceae [Search]
  427. w:id:Henry Gantt links to Gantt Chart [Search]
  428. w:id:Turneraceae links to Turneraceae [Search]
  429. w:id:Bonnetiaceae links to Bonnetiaceae [Search]
  430. w:id:Kimbanseke links to Category:Category:Kimbanseke (Kinshasa) [Search]
  431. w:id:Ensdorf, Bayern links to Category:Ensdorf (Bavaria) [Search]
  432. w:id:Daftar Permaisuri Dua Sisilia links to Category:Para Permaisuri Kerajaan Dua Sisilia [Search]
  433. w:id:Laguiole links to Category:Laguiole cheese [Search]
  434. w:id:Louis II dari Perancis links to Category:Louis II dari Perancis [Search]
  435. w:id:Lincolnshire Poacher links to Category:Lincolnshire Poacher cheese [Search]
  436. w:id:Pelabuhan Samudera & Terminal Peti Kemas Palaran links to Category:Port of Palaran [Search]
  437. w:id:Bandar Udara Internasional Damaskus links to Category:Bandar Udara Internasional Damaskus [Search]
  438. w:id:Neuenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein links to Category:Neuenkirchen (Dithmarschen [Search]
  439. w:id:Pembajakan bus Manila 2010 links to Category:2010 Manila hostage crisis [Search]
  440. w:id:Charles IV, Kaisar Romawi Suci links to Category:Charles IV, Kaisar Romawi Suci [Search]
  441. w:id:Ali Larijani links to Category:Ali A. Larijani [Search]
  442. w:id:Stadion Kim Il-sung links to Category:Kim Il-Sung Stadium [Search]
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  447. w:id:Montasio links to Category:Montasio [Search]
  448. w:id:Victor Amadeus III dari Sardinia links to Category:Victor Amadeus III dari Sardinia [Search]
  449. w:id:Maximilian I, Kaisar Romawi Suci links to Category:Maximilian I, Kaisar Romawi Suci [Search]
  450. w:id:Biola links to Category:Violin sound [Search]
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  452. w:id:Kasa-Vubu (komune) links to Category:Category:Kasa-Vubu (Kinshasa) [Search]
  453. w:id:Fushimi Inari Taisha links to Category:Fushimi Inari Jinja [Search]
  454. w:id:Forkis links to Category:Phorcys [Search]
  455. w:id:Lichtenberg, Hof links to Category:Lichtenberg [Search]
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  457. w:id:Massy, Essonne links to Category:Massy [Search]
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  459. w:id:Emmering, Fürstenfeldbruck links to Category:Emmering (FFB) [Search]
  460. w:id:Kuil Atsuta links to Category:Kuil Atsuta [Search]
  461. w:id:La Gombe (Kinshasa) links to Category:Category:La Gombe (Kinshasa) [Search]
  462. w:id:Keju Lancashire links to Category:Lancashire cheese [Search]
  463. w:id:Passendale links to Category:Passendale cheese [Search]
  464. w:id:Daftar pemenang kontes lagu Eurovision links to Category:Eurovision winners [Search]
  465. w:id:Didiereaceae links to Didiereaceae [Search]
  466. w:id:Hypoxidaceae links to Hypoxidaceae [Search]
  467. w:id:Baksei Chamkrong links to Baksei Chamkrong [Search]
  468. w:id:Plantaginaceae links to Plantaginaceae [Search]
  469. w:id:Villeurbanne links to Villeurbanne [Search]
  470. w:id:Chase Ellison links to Chase Ellison [Search]
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  471. w:id:Geografi Jerman links to Geography of Germany [Search]
  472. w:id:Peluru kendali balistik links to Ballistic missiles [Search]
  473. w:id:Penthoraceae links to Penthoraceae [Search]
  474. w:id:Hypericaceae links to Hypericaceae [Search]
  475. w:id:Masjid Hassan II links to Hassan II Mosque [Search]
  476. w:id:Tim nasional kriket Bangladesh links to Kategori:Bangladesh national cricket team [Search]
  477. w:id:Humiriaceae links to Humiriaceae [Search]
  478. w:id:Kura-kura pipi-putih links to Siebenrockiella crassicollis [Search]
  479. w:id:Trigoniaceae links to Trigoniaceae [Search]
  480. w:id:Malesherbiaceae links to Malesherbiaceae [Search]
  481. w:id:Windows XP links to Windows XP [Search]
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  483. w:id:Daftar pulau di India links to Category:Pulau di India [Search]
  484. w:id:Puteri Maria Felicita dari Savoy links to Category:Puteri Maria Felicita dari Savoy [Search]
  485. w:id:Mehmet Öz links to Category:Mehmet Öz [Search]
  486. w:id:Anatomi manusia links to Category:Human Anatomy [Search]
  487. w:id:Obon links to Category:Bon [Search]
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