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From a commons-l thread inspired by the annual wishlist survey.

  1. we need community-maintained and curated lists of priority features + bugs + futures
  2. we need a regular channel for revisiting and scaling major tools / services / infrastructure
  3. ... and possibly sth similar for technical debt that's holding back other things but has no explicit owner

Uplifting multimedia[edit]

Major issues + infrastructure:

  • File formats: Support high-demand formats – e.g. CSV, CML, + 50+ other open tickets
  • Uploads:  Improve bulk, large, and video uploads
    • Bulk conversion for video uploads (videoconverter / video2commons are broken)
    • Upload Wizard upgrades (timeouts, batch renaming, batch imports)
  • Downloads:  Fix multi-download (Imker is broken) 
    • Make public dumps (stale since 2013)
  • Video playback:  Debug + roll out the videojs player
  • Search:  Bring CQS back up.  Implement a noauth option for tools
  • General: Move to a blazegraph alternative (for wqcs)
  • Curation: Simpler content assessment workflow, like en:wp's (QI/VP doesn't scale)