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Pending projects :

  • EdX freeing and remixing.
  • The Whole Earth Catalog full-volume scans from the first 5 years of issues (avoiding redundancy: around 1000 pages). Text to be Wikisourced; wikified text, updated with modern info about each book, bound for Wikibooks.
  • Voice of America pronunciation file uploads. Once they are converted from ra to ogg, there will be 5100 of them. Looking for a bot to do the heavy lifting.
  • Contest entries & results!
    for Wikimania
  • Random project - what are the backlogs?
  • Fixing the OTRS permissions process, and related deletion-vs-quarantine options.

Current time[edit]


How to contact me[edit]

  • On-wiki : this is the best way, of course. (then others can edit the discussion.) For fast response, write me on Meta.
  • Elsewhere on the Web: you can leave comments on my blog.

I am less responsive to private or non-archived chats (in public it may be useful to others!) Yet you can also try:

  • Via email : (at)
  • By snail mail or phone : ask via email :-)
  • On IRC rarely: as _sj_ on freenode
  • In person: Come to a Boston wikimeet... or to Wikimania!
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Other thoughts[edit]

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