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This is a hub page for translators of the Commons meta content. Commons is an international and thus multilingual project. From a technical point English is the default, but the project is intended to be used and useful for users of every language. There are different ways of creating multilingual content. One important point is the interface of the Mediawiki software Commons is run on. Those translations are created on Betawiki:. Please follow the link, if you want to contribute to the interface. Here on Commons we have project pages (in the "Commons" namespace), templates and content pages (in the main namespace and in the "File" namespace).

Content pages[edit]

Let's first come to the content pages: If specific strings are recurring in a great number of pages, we should put them in template pages so the string can be updated (and translated) in a single place instead of editing every single of the pages the string occurs in. Strings specific to a single file or other content page must be translated in the specific pages. This page can give no help with that.

Project pages[edit]

Project pages are relatively important to translate. If a new users visits Commons he most likely does not know much about Commons and what it is about. Therefore he needs some pages to read that explain what Commons is, which content we want and what content not, how uploading works and what rules are to be observed.

See below for some pages that help you translate and keep up-to-date the project pages for your language.

Important pages to translate:


Templates are strings of text that occur on dozens, thousands or even millions of pages. With translating the most widely used templates you can greatly extend the usefulness of Commons pages to speakers of your language who do not speak English or who do feel more comfortable in their native tongue. Template:Information for example is used on more than two million file description pages. It's just some short strings of text, but it can greatly help to make the information on the description pages be more accessible. (Not all templates can be translated, some don't need translation, cause they are language-neutral by itself).

See below for some pages that help you translate and keep up-to-date the templates for your language.

List of most used templates: Special:MostLinkedTemplates

The ten most used translatable templates (times used as of January 24 2009):

  1. Template:Information ‎(2,866,043)
  2. Template:GFDL ‎(1,416,379)
  3. Template:Self ‎(1,365,167)
  4. Template:PD-old ‎(603,790)
  5. Template:PD-self ‎(546,707)
  6. Template:BookNaviBar ‎(339,370)
  7. Template:Cc-by-sa-2.5,2.0,1.0 ‎(261,971)
  8. Template:Cc-by-sa-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0 ‎(255,391)
  9. Template:Cc-by-sa-3.0 ‎(231,274)
  10. Template:Cc-by-sa-2.5 ‎(210,419)

Recently updated autotranslate templates (important):

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