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This WikiProject is dedicated to the maintenance of templates with special regards to localization. If you have questions regarding the use or handling of templates please ask on the discussion page.

At the moment (as of 2009-04-25) there are 75,484 pages in the template namespace (of which 50,267 are part of the COM:POTD template system).

Some of them are language-neutral (like Template:@) or language-specific by purpose (like Template:Information/en), but most others should be localizable (for example by using Template:Autotranslate, see Commons:Template i18n).

But that's not the sole task of the WikiProject. It too cares about making templates as generic and reusable and non-redundant as possible (as long as this does not derail usability and user-friendliness too much).


  • Deleting unused and redundant templates (and template redirects).
    • Merging templates having the same purpose but achieve it for different languages.
  • Categorization of templates
  • Removal of user-specific templates and replacing them with standard templates (of course without losing information).
  • Streamlining of existing templates to make them use machine-readable parameters that allow easy localization (for example changing dates from "Nov 9th 2007" to "2007-11-09" or "german" to "de"
  • Make sure language-specific autotranslation templates are not transcluded directly to pages.
  • Sanitize and standardize templates


  • ...



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