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<gallery> Image:RoyalInfirmary.jpg|Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. Image:Example.jpg|An example of an image. Image:1CockburnSt.jpg|1 Cockburn Street, home of the Edinburgh City Council. Image:GNER125@Waverley.jpg|A GNER MTU HST at Edinburgh's Waverley Station, heading for London's King's Cross station. Image:OldTownfromEdinburghCastle.jpg|Looking toward the Old Town from the entrance to Edinburgh Castle. Image:Wikipe-tan mopping.png|I am not an administrator, but i like this Image! Wikipe-tan is so cute! Image:Jimbo and Wikipe-tan.jpg|The WikiFounders, Jimbo Wales, and Wikipe-tan. Image:Wikineet.gif|A WikiBall starting in the centre, exploding up to you, seperating in two parts, and on, and on, and, on. Image:WikiSwaddle.gif|Same as the image on the left, but reversed. Image:WallaceMonument.jpg|The Wallace Monument, which commemorates our hero, William Wallace. To find more about Wallace, click here. Image:Bulbgraph.png|Mr. Krabs, I have an idea! Image:Admin mop.PNG|"Sigh!" I wish i was an administrator on the English Wikipedia! Just think of all the lovely things i could do! Image:Bulgaria admin.png|Now thats what I'm talking about! Image:DalgetyBayrailwaystation.jpg|Dalgety Bay railway station. Image:FalklandParishChurch.jpg|Falkland Parish Church. Image:System-users.svg|User:Tixie456:An editor has expressed a concern that this user may be a sockpuppet of GreatFork. Image:Puppeter template.svg|User:Tim454:This user is a sockpuppet of Nimmyforn, and has been blocked indefinitely. Image:Tux.svg|Who's cutest? Tux........ Image:Wikipe-tan frontview.png|...Or Wikipe-tan? Image:Falkland Palace, across street, 18 May 2008.jpg|Falkland Palace. Image:Flag of Scotland.svg|Oh...we all love scotland, we all love scotland... Image:RomanesqueKirk.jpg|A Romanesque-style Kirk in Falkland. Image:Lolrollback.jpg|The Rollback cat!!!!!!!! Image:FordCMAX.jpg|A Ford C-MAX in Dalgety Bay. Image:Wikipedia page.jpg|A page off Wikipedia. Image:TudorDistrict.jpg|The 'Tudortown' of our town. Image:MemorialinFalkland.jpg|A memorial in Falkland. Image:TyndalBruceMemorial.jpg|A memorial to Tyndal Bruce. Image:Information.svg|Information:You will all sign my autograph book. Image:Train@EastLinksCountryPark.jpg|Train at East Links Country Park. Image:Outlook Tower Market St.jpg|Outlook Tower. Image:CarAndShops.jpg|A car, a shop, and a restraunt. Image:CanaryWharfTowers.jpg|Canary Wharf. Image:Millennium Dome from Greenwich Docks.jpg|Millennium Dome. Image:Wikipe-tan donations.png|Wikipe-tan is a little heavy. Image:Wallaby.jpg|A Wallaby. Image:Tesco Express Bowness-on-Windermere, 1 June 2008.jpg|Bowness-on-Windermere's Tesco Express. Image:La Galerie D'Art.jpg|A art shop,La Galerie D'Art in Bowness-on-Windermere. Image:St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh.jpg|St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, from Shandwick Place. Image:St. Martins Church.jpg|St Martins Church, Bowness-on-Windermere. Image:HaymarketStation.jpg|Haymarket Station. Image:Kelvingrove art gallery and museum.jpg|Kelvingrove art gallery and museum, Glasgow. Image:Dinegar Jones.jpg|A chip shop, Dinegar Jones, in Bowness-on-Windermere. Image:Wallaby2.jpg|Another Wallaby. Image:FalklandPalaceQuadrangle.jpg|The Quadrangle of Falkland Palace. Image:Military Buildings at Edinburgh Castle.jpg|The military/army buildings at Edinburgh Castle. Image:Edinburgh from Calton Hill.jpg|North-east Edinburgh from Calton Hill. Image:St. Andrew's House Façade.jpg|The Art Deco façade of St. Andrew's House in Edinburgh. Image:Holyrood.jpg|Holyrood, Edinburgh. Image:Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters.jpg|The headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland in St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. <gallery>