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This is a userpage for The Mighty Quill.


Categories of interest[edit]

Elkost's Category Sort Key system[edit]

  1. (space) for subtypes, defined by 2 criteria. e.g. Houses by country by type, Houses by type by country.
  2. * for mentioned subtypes of the category objects, e.g. Buildings in Chile, 18th century buildings, etc.;
  3. + for elements of the category objects, e.g. building elements like walls, roofs, etc.;
  4. - for items, less related to the category objects, e.g. objects in buildings, etc.;
  5. ! for subtypes, separated from the * group by a criterion, e.g. material, etc.;
  6. ? for objects, unidentified by the category criterion, e.g. country, city, etc.

My maps[edit]

My diagrams[edit]