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This is a sockpuppet account, operated by User:Pharos and colleagues, for uploading images from the Commons:Wikis Take Manhattan project.

Please don't mess with this account during the event on October 4.

This account was previously used for the Commons:Wikipedia Takes Manhattan project on April 4, the predecessor to the current project. See this discussion for the consensus that this account and its uses are acceptable. Since that time, the account has lain dormant until now. The Admin noticeboard was again re-notified about the project's reactivation here.

If you have any problems with this account of its activities, please bother User:Pharos, but only after the event is over because during the event I and the others will be totally preoccupied with uploading, and we have a tight schedule if we want to get everything on Commons quickly and give the winners their prizes that night. Thanks.

Please don't speedy-delete anything by this account, even if it looks irrelevant. Some of these photos are contextual, and some simply show people having fun contributing to Commons, and should be kept in the same way we keep photos from wiki-meetups. In any case, please hold off on anything until the day after the event, when I can respond.

To see the fruits of what this account has been used for in the past, go to Commons:Wikipedia Takes Manhattan/Gallery and enjoy.