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I'm from Japan (one of the small islands in Asia).

Let's make a better wikimedia! :>


Journals which are released under the CC-BY(-SA) compatible license.

Journals which are released under Public domain license.


Sample animation made from BodyParts3D polygon data with Blender
  • Anatomography(license: CC-BY-SA 2.1ja)
  • BodyParts3D(license: CC-BY-SA 2.1ja)
    • You can download anatomical 3D vector data from BodyParts3D web-site. File format is *.stl or *.vtk. The 3D data can be viewd with, for example
    • ParaView free, simple, easy to use.
    • Blender free, complicated, difficult to use, but very high-functioning. When you import anatomical data to Blender from BodyParts3D's stl format data, object may be out of scope. In such a case, press "S" and move your mouse toward center-circle, and left-mouse button down(This makes object size smaller. Default object size is extreamly big). Repeat some time. Then object will come to your seeing.

Free softwares for verification[edit]


edit and manipulate


Whole human body anatomy[edit]

Free web site for verification[edit]


Whole human body anatomy[edit]

About WebM sound codec bug (opus)[edit]

About chromosome banding[edit]

Papers and Data


Old Japanese proverb (originally Chinese proverb) says

"百聞は一見にしかず"(Hyakubun ha ikkenn ni shikazu)

This means "one quick look is more than hearing it 100 times"

That's why I love images!