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I'm from Japan (one of the small islands in Asia).

Let's make a better wikimedia! :>


Journals which are released under the CC-BY(-SA) compatible license.

Journals which are released under Public domain license.


Sample animation made from BodyParts3D polygon data with Blender
  • Anatomography(license: CC-BY-SA 2.1ja)
  • BodyParts3D(license: CC-BY-SA 2.1ja)
    • You can download anatomical 3D vector data from BodyParts3D web-site. File format is *.stl or *.vtk. The 3D data can be viewd with, for example
    • ParaView free, simple, easy to use.
    • Blender free, complicated, difficult to use, but very high-functioning. When you import anatomical data to Blender from BodyParts3D's stl format data, object may be out of scope. In such a case, press "S" and move your mouse toward center-circle, and left-mouse button down(This makes object size smaller. Default object size is extreamly big). Repeat some time. Then object will come to your seeing.

Free softwares for verification[edit]


edit and manipulate


Whole human body anatomy[edit]

Free web site for verification[edit]


Whole human body anatomy[edit]

About WebM sound codec bug (opus)[edit]

About chromosome banding[edit]

Papers and Data

My Files[edit]

Here is part of my working data for anatomy animation GIFs.

Jump to page, and click "Download" button at the top center. Then you'll get zip file (121MB). After unzipped that, You can open "bone_animation.blend" file with Blender ( By Clicking "Render"->"Rendering Animation" or pressing "Ctrl+F12", you'll get 72 png files output at sub folder. By merging these 72 png files with GIF-making software[1], you'll get one animation GIF file.


Old Japanese proverb (originally Chinese proverb) says

"百聞は一見にしかず"(Hyakubun ha ikkenn ni shikazu)

This means "one quick look is more than hearing it 100 times"

That's why I love images!