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The bot is written in perl and does some repetitive edits based on prepared file list to work on. It runs manually assisted only. The file list to work on and the algorithmn what to do is perpared in advance and manually. No automatic or periodical tasks. Maximum edit rate (write) is 4..5 edits per minute.


  • Add/change/fix different templates or category entries and implementation of a commons file transfer from de-wp to commons. (after transfer: adding categories [*], minor clean up, ...)
  • OTRS ticket processing: Add/change/fix different OTRS templates, license templates, author info, only for one specific OTRS ticket. Edit depends mainly on the content of the OTRS ticket. Process only ONE ticket per bot-run named in the edit summary line. Used mainly for OTRS tasks with more than approx. 10 files per ticket (which are rare) and where the edit process can be simply automated. This account has a OTRS member flag

[*] Adding categories for transfered files and occasionally manually prepared batches of uncategorized files taken from maintenance trees like Category:Media needing categories is based on the following strategy:

  1. Used images on different wikipedias like en/de/fr/zh/... in ns:0 with a template {{commonscat}} in the article, which links back to a category on commons.
  2. Used images in ns:0 on different wikipedias with a {{commons}} template in the article, which links on a gallery on commons. This commons gallery is checked for a proper category.
  3. Used images which have an entity on wikidata. In this case, the entity on wikidata is checked for a property "P373", the commons category prop.
  4. Used images in a gallery which is a member of a commons category.

Added categories will be marked with {{Check categories}}.