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About me[edit]

I am a 26 year old male from Canada. I currently live in Manitoba.

I have been active on this Wikipedia account since 6 September 2004.

I am not User:Richard.

How to contact me[edit]

  1. My talk page
  2. Email

About my username[edit]

Wikchard was inspired by Wiki technology, and the name Richard, which was chosen pseudo-randomly (based on the similarity between the sounds wik and rick - it is not in any way based on my real name.


Grievances by users ("administrator abuse") Policy shortcuts:


If a user believes an administrator has acted improperly, he or she should express their concerns directly to the administrator responsible and try to come to a resolution in an orderly and civil manner. However, if the matter is not resolved between the two parties, users can take further action (see Dispute resolution process further). For more possibilities, see Administrators' noticeboard: Incidents and Requests for comment: Use of administrator privileges. Note: if the complaining user was blocked improperly by an administrator, they may appeal the block and/or e-mail the Arbitration Committee directly. Misuse of administrative tools Policy shortcut:


Misusing the administrative tools is considered a serious issue. The administrative tools are provided to trusted users for maintenance and other tasks, and should be used with thought. Serious misuse may result in sanction or even their removal.

Common situations where avoiding tool use is often required:

       Conflict of interest or non-neutrality – Administrators should not normally use their tools in matters in which they are personally involved (for example, in a content dispute in which they are a party). See Involved admins.
       Communal norms or policies – When a policy or communal norm is clear that tools should not be used, then tools should not be used without an explanation that shows the matter has been considered, and why a (rare) exception is genuinely considered reasonable.
       Reversing the actions of other administrators – Only in a manner that respects the admin whose action is involved, and (usually) after consultation.
       Reinstating an admin action that has already been reversed (sometimes known as "wheel warring") – Responses have included Arbitration and desysopping even the first time.

See below for these and for the very few exceptions.

In most cases even when use of the tools is reasonable, if a reasonable doubt may exist, it is frequently better to ask an independent administrator to review and (if justified) take the action. This is a matter of judgment if necessary. Reversing another administrator's action Policy shortcut:


Administrators are expected to have good judgment, and are presumed to have considered carefully any actions or decisions they carry out as administrators. Administrators may disagree, but administrative actions should not be reversed without good cause, careful thought, and (if likely to be objected to), where the administrator is presently available, a brief discussion with the administrator whose action is challenged. Special situations

In some situations, the usual policy for reversing another administrator's action does not apply:

   Blocks made with the summary "Appeal is only to the Arbitration Committee": Rarely, in blocking an editor, an administrator will have to note that their block "should only be lifted by the Arbitration Committee" or that "any appeal from this block is to ArbCom or BASC only". Such a proviso must only be made if the nature of the block demands that its circumstances not be further discussed on-wiki (and instead be considered further only in a confidential environment). This could include situations where discussion would reveal or emphasise information whose disclosure could jeopardise an editor's physical or mental well-being, where on-wiki discussion would identify an anonymous editor, or where the underlying block reason would be defamatory if the block were unjustified. In such cases, the blocking administrator should immediately tell the Arbitration Committee mailing list by e-mail of the block and of the reasons for it.
   In August 2012, the Arbitration Committee issued a reminder that administrators must promptly notify the committee when making sensitive blocks or when noting that a block can be "appealed only to ArbCom". In these situations, the administrator retains responsibility for their block (see this arbitration ruling) but will be accountable to the committee. (Such blocks have been the subject of long-standing Wikipedia practice, and were also discussed in the fourth paragraph of this statement.)
   Blocks made by the Arbitration Committee: Separate from the first situation, a member of the Arbitration Committee may block an account. Blocks made by an arbitrator with the summary "For the Arbitration Committee", "Appeal is only to the Arbitration Committee", or "Template:ArbComBlock" are made on behalf of the Arbitration Committee. These blocks are made by a decision of arbitrators, very rarely, and only with good reason… Therefore, administrators must not reverse ArbCom blocks without the prior, written consent of the committee. (See also: Wikipedia:Arbitration/Policy#Appeal of decisions.)
   Checkuser blocks: Blocks designated as "Checkuser blocks" (that is blocks relying on confidential checkuser findings) may not be reversed by administrators who do not have access to the checkuser permission. Appeal of these blocks may be made to the Unblock Ticket Requests System (which has a designated "checkuser" area) or to the Arbitration Committee's Ban Appeals Subcommittee. Administrators were reminded in July 2010 that they may not reverse checkuser blocks without prior consent from the committee or a checkuser.

Review and removal of adminship

If an administrator abuses administrative powers, these powers can be removed. Administrators may be removed by Jimmy Wales, by stewards, or by a ruling of the Arbitration Committee. At their discretion, lesser penalties may also be assessed against problematic administrators, including the restriction of their use of certain functions or placement on administrative probation. The technical ability to remove administrator status rests with bureaucrats, stewards and Jimmy Wales.

There have been several procedures suggested for a community-based desysop process, but none of them have achieved consensus. Some administrators will voluntarily stand for reconfirmation under certain circumstances; see #Administrator recall. Users may use dispute resolution to request comment on an administrator's suitability.

Technical note – Removal of rights performed by stewards does not currently show up in the usual user logs. Use Template:Userrights for full links to user rights information and full logs, including the stewards' global logs on meta as well, or Special:ListUsers to verify a user's current rights. See: Bugzilla:4055.

Requests for comment on administrator conduct

Misuse of administrator access or behaviour that is incompatible with adminship may result in an involuntary request for comment on administrator conduct. Administrators who fail to satisfactorily respond to community feedback are likely to become the subject of an Arbitration Committee review, for which see below. Arbitration Committee review

This is an involuntary process. Generally, the Arbitration Committee requires that other steps of dispute resolution are tried before it intervenes in a dispute. However, if the matter is serious enough, the Arbitration Committee may intervene without a request for comment on administrator conduct or other steps. Remedies that may be imposed, at the discretion of the Committee, include warnings, admonishments, restrictions, and removal of administrator privileges.

Typos & Spelling errors[edit]

I used Firefox, and therefore make spelling errors at an average rate, but correct them before saving the page in which I made the error. Please feel free to correct any other mistakes that you spot, including on my user page and in any comments I post. However, please note that I write in Canadian English, which is based on British English, normally using Canadian spellings - colour and realise are not spelling errors, although Firefox claims that they are. See American and British English differences.

Occasionally I might spell something intentionally wrong to make a point, but this should be obvious from the context.

Dual Licensing[edit]

Template:MultiLicensePD Notes: This applies to my text contributions to all wikipedias, except as noted below. Any work in progress sub-pages in my userspace (e.g. /geonamesongs) are dual licenced in to the public domain as above unless it is detailed differently below.


  1. This page is not public domain.
  2. My talk page is not public domain.
  3. User:Wikchard's page and associated talk page are not public domain.
  4. My /Contact page is not public domain.

Images: All videos that I upload will be individually licensed: check the image description page for details. I have a few videos on my YouTube account. If you want to use one of these videos here or elsewhere, please contact me first. By default I retain copyright on all my photos or videos on that site, but in most cases I will dual license (usually to a Creative Commons license) if they can be of use here or elsewhere.

Wikchard: Everything above applies to User:Wikchard with no exceptions. -Wikchard

last updated: 18:01, 06 Sep 2013 (UTC)


I do not have a secondary, work-safe user account yet I will not likely do much editing with that user, and so I don't foresee myself logging in much with that user. Consequently non-urgent messages are better left on User_talk:Wikchard rather than User_talk:a nonexistent user. Urgent messages should be directed to whichever I'm using at the time. I may move any potentially non-work-safe messages from that talk page to this, adding appropriate context on both pages. My dual licensing statement above applies equally to both users. I will endeavor to vote only once in all polls, surveys, etc. I am human though, so if I slip up I apologize in advance.

I was never asked what I mean by a "work-safe" account, but I'll tell you anyway. At some workplaces there are regulations regarding accessing "inappropriate" content on the internet as part of the fair use policy that allows employees to use the internet for non-work activities. Although Wikipedia in itself is not inappropriate by any means, some articles may not be. It is possible that my using work's network to access or contribute to such articles may contravene these regulations. I do not have the same restrictions on my personal internet connection at home, and do not wish to be subject to them outside of work. For this reason I have not yet created a nonexistent user as a secondary user, from which I will not access or contribute to possibly inappropriate articles, leaving me free to use Wikchard to edit without restriction. As of 06 September 2013 there has been no problem, and I am not prepared for an eventuality where it becomes one. Wikchard (talk) 05:56, 6 September 2013 (UTC)

Recommended places[edit]

These are a few highlights of Wikipedia that I recommend you pay a visit to


Work in progress[edit]

These are articles that I'm working outside of the main article space (e.g. trial versions of proposed changes).

Assiniboine Valley Railway

Photo galleries[edit]

Template:Commonscat These are galleries of photographs that I have uploaded to Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimedia Foundation Wikis[edit]

All the Wikimedia Foundation Wikis (copied from Commons:User:Bdk/Stuff)

Sister projects
The XYZ is run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, which operates several other coordination multilingual and free-content projects:

Useful stuff[edit]

  • Code to show edit and edit source links without hover [1]. Useful until
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    is fixed. Wikchard (talk) 05:58, 6 September 2013 (UTC)

Random stuff[edit]

I couldn't fit this stuff anywhere else!

  • Yes, this User page is based on Thryduulf's - I was too lazy to do all the typing and needed a template. Thank you, Thryduulf.

All times on this page are Manitoba local time - Central Standard Time (UTC-06:00) or Daylight Savings Time - unless specified otherwise.