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I am currently not very active on Commons, spending my wiki time at Wikipedia The following paragraph is very out of date, and the rest of this page may also be. If you need to contact me, your best bet is to leave a message on my Wikipedia talk page. Thryduulf 01:14, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

I am an administrator here - please leave messages on my talk page if you want to contact me about anything. I also contribute to the English Wikipedia (where I am also an administrator) and Meta (mainly regarding Wikimedia UK).

Almost all of the images I upload to commons are released under all versions of the cc-by-sa license (User:Thryduulf/cc-by-sa-all), some are also released under the GFDL (User:Thryduulf/copyleft). There are some images that I have taken when I'm somewhere as part of my work (UK civil service), these will normally be licensed as detailed at User:Thryduulf/work.

I am working through all the photographs I have taken (thousands) and where the subject is not a person, I will upload the image here if it is of sufficient quality. This is obviously going to take some time, so if you see a photograph of mine that I have uploaded elsewhere that you would like to see on Commons then contact me (giving the URL) and I'll either upload it myself or give you permission to upload it with (most likely) one of the licenses above.

The images I contribute are licensed individually. My text contributions are licensed as follows:

  • Image descriptions: multi-licensed - GFDL, Public domain and any other license(s) the images are licensed as.
  • My user page (this page) and my user talk page: GFDL only.
  • Other pages in my userspace (User:Thryduulf/... and User talk:Thryduulf/...): GFDL only unless explicity mutli-licensed
  • Other text contributions not exlicitly listed below: GFDL and public domain.

I invite all users to correct the spelling of all my contributions (including on this page), but please note that I use British English -ise spellings.

For information about me please see my userpage on the English Wikipedia.

Quality images[edit]

I don't normally bother to nominate my own images, but other people are free to do so if they think them of sufficient quality.

See also[edit]

  • My /Gallery - A sorted selection of some of my images
  • My Category - An unsorted repository for all images I've uploaded to the commons.
  • My website (note the index is out of date). Note that all the images there are copyright to me, but see my relicensing policy below.
  • My /Relicensing policy

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I am now proud owner of a WMFLabs TUSC account! Pwd : X