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Image:Grande Arche de La Défense et fontaine.jpg[edit]

Hello, you have supported to the promotion of the image Image:Grande Arche de La Défense et fontaine.jpg to the Featured Picture status, and I thank you for that. Currently this image has been proposed to deletion by another user under the pretext that there is no FOP in France.

I believe that the image is not a copyright infringement; the main subject is the water from the fountain, the Grand Arche is unavoidable in the background. In what the lightning of the fountain is concerned, as user Arad mentioned in the original nomination, they are very simple and they do not have a special plan, so they cannot be copyrighted.

If you wish you can express your opinion on this issue on the deletion request page of this image, otherwise the image could disappear soon; the usage check indicates that the image is already used in around 150 pages around internation wikis (usage check), it would be a pity for the community to see a FP image disappear.

Thanks and best regards, --Atoma 17:01, 21 January 2008 (UTC)


Hello, please notice the page Commons:Macro where I encourage to use some « MacroStudio » using Image:Macro A4.svg. You can also see my first such macro on my user page. I also try to set up naming conventions such using the suffixes -back.jpg, -face.jpg for technicals photographies. Comments and improvments welcome. Yug (talk) 17:12, 19 September 2008 (UTC)