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Under construction. Help and talks welcome. See also {{WikiVoc}} & Category:WikiVoc images.

Crystal Clear app korganizer.png Hello!

Welcome to the WikiVoc project, which plans to eventually provide a large set of good and clear SVG images allowing Illustrated Dictionary creation. These illustrations set will be freely usable to make educational books, website, and courses.

You are free to use the graphics we have made so far and we invite you to join us in our work.

WikiVoc-brush.svg WikiVoc-axe.svg WikiVoc-egg.svg
Icon apps query.svg Public domain images that you can use freely

These images should all be under Public Domain license, which let you free to cite or not creators. But we encourage users to let know that images come from the Commons based "WikiVoc Project".

Of course, you can use all them for your own website. All this work is in the public domain. Legally, you can do what you like, but the moral conditions of use are that you state:

  1. Source: Images from (or the specific image description page)
  2. Licence: Public Domain.
  3. Authors: WikiVoc team.
Nuvola apps kopete.png Need a Team !

This project is really easy. Each user create one image of their choice. That take about 10 mins each when do really coolly.

Nuvola apps cache.png Objectives, current news

The project is still in its childhood. We have some guideline, but still considered some naming convention and other minor changes.

Inkscape logo 2.svg SVG editor

Inkscape (download me !) is the best choice to start within 10 mins: Inkscape is free, ready to download, and cross platform.

When launch: The Bezier Pencil (Shift+F6), and the Node tool (F2) will be your main tools. The Fill and Stroke boxes (Shift+Ctrl+F), and the Align and Distribute box (Shift+Ctrl+A) will allow you to colorate each form, and to specify the borders' size (2px or 1px is enough).

馬-bronze.svg Did you know ...

We here provide teaching materials, we also worry about 'how the student brain work'. Accordingly, we follow modern communication theories, especially the Avoid Chartjunk rule : our image ar as much as possible free of all sementic polution.

(P.S. Would you like to provide a bit of encouragement to this team and this free project?)

Template SVG: download me, open, and draw a new item.

Need illustrations[edit]

4th stage: complete ! = done ;
3rd stage soon upload ;
2nd stage one contributor on it

brush4th stage: complete !. Banana4th stage: complete !, egg4th stage: complete !, apple, cherry. Money, CreditCard, key. Types of tools: Axe4th stage: complete !, hammer. tail,...

chopsticks, drinking straws, fork, Knife4th stage: complete !, knork, splayd, spoon, spork, tongs, cup, tea cup, can3rd stage, plates, bowl4th stage: complete !.

See also: List of Basic English words#200_Picturable_words, User:Yug/MiniLab, etc.