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BSicons are a series of standardized SVG icons. The name is derived from the German Bahnstrecken ("railway lines"). While the icons were originally used to create diagrams for railways, they have also been adopted for illustrating canals, footpaths and motorways.

After testing and discussion on the German Wikipedia, the first BSicons on Commons were uploaded by Bernina on 30 September 2006. As of 17 February 2024, there are 312,362 BSicons.

If you have any questions, please ask them at the talk page!


BSicons must be in the public domain, because the ways that they are displayed in diagrams may not meet the attribution requirement of some Creative Commons licenses. Although {{BS-map}} links to the appropriate file description pages, the links may not be clickable in diagrams that use overlays. {{Routemap}} does not link to file description pages.

Most icons comprise basic geometric shapes, and can be unilaterally tagged {{PD-shape}} even if the uploader originally used a Creative Commons license instead. However, intentionally complex icons could theoretically exceed the threshold of originality of US copyright law.

As of February 2024, there are a few remaining icons which are derived from third-party icon sets and cannot be considered public domain.


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