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This catch-all category contains unidentified characters that would need classification somewhere if they could be identified (help welcome) :

  • Graphic deformations of various characters may be classified with the original ones (see related characters in other scripts for etymology information).
  • Rare characters, identified, but with no or little compounds, that do not justify a category by themselves, should be labeled in the category:ACC containing Misc.

This category (and its subcategories) holds pictures of Ancient Chinese Characters (ACC) that contain the ? character component (see wiktionnary : en, fr, ja, zh, ).

It is automatically filled by the template:ACClicense, according to the component1= parameters. Please use that template, and do not add characters by hand.

This category is part of the Ancient Chinese characters project (古漢字-Anciens Hanzi), a project to create a complete set of SVG images depicting ancient Chinese characters. Help is welcome (Tutorial).

Present day

Please note that the character composition is (normally) given for the corresponding picture, which may not be the same as the present-day one. Please note further that beyond its temporal evolution, the graphic form may vary, especially in the great seal script.

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