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English: Djer is considered to be the second or third (there is no clear scholarly consensus as to which) Egyptian king of the first dynasty. He was a son of Hor-Aha and father of Djet and Merneith.
<nowiki>Dyer; 哲爾; Dzser; Κενκένης; Dyer; ჯერი; Iti; Djer; 哲尔; Djer; Djer; 哲爾; Џер; Джер; Džer; Djer; ジェル; Djer; Džer; Djer; 哲爾; ඩ්ජෙර්; Djer; 哲爾; 哲尔; צ'ר; 제르; Djer; Ĝer; Џер; ஜெர்; Djer; 哲尔; Djer; Džer; Джер; Джер; Djer; Džeras; Djer; Djer; Джер; Džer; دجر; Djer; Djer; Џер; Djer; Djer; Djer; Djer; ฟาโรห์ดเจอร์; Dżer; Djer; Djer; Djer; Djer; Džer; Djer; Djer; خنت دجر; 哲尔; خنت دجر; tercer faraón de la primera dinastía de Egipto; エジプト第1王朝のファラオ; pharaon égyptien; Farao uit het oude Egypte (3000 v.Chr-300 n. Chr); egyiptomi fáraó; 3. altägyptischer König der 1. Dynastie; Egiptiese farao van die 1ste Dinastie; ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the First Dynasty; فرعون مصري من الأسرة الأولى; египетски фараон от 1-ва династия; faraone egizio; Djer; Iti; Horus Djer; Iti; 伊特提; 捷尔; 伊梯(阿托色斯); Džer; Athótis; دجر; Djer; Djer av Egypt; Athotis; Athothis; Atoti; Атотис I; Тети I; Dyer; Athotis II.; Atotis; Atoti; Iti; نخت دجر; Ντζερ; Ιτετί; Зер; Сехти</nowiki>
ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the First Dynasty
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Date of birth31st century BC
Date of death30th century BC
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
  • sovereign
Position held
Noble title
  • Khenthap
  • Nakhtneith
  • Herneith
  • Seshemetka
  • Penebui
  • Merieme
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