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This category is automatically filled by {{VN}}, {{EOL}}, {{FishBase species}}, {{Fungorum taxon}}, {{Fungorum family}}, {{Fungorum genus}} or {{Fungorum species}}, {{GBIF}}, {{GRIN family}}, {{GRIN genus}} or {{GRIN species}}, {{ITIS}}, {{IUCN}}, {{MSW}}, {{MycoBank}}, {{NCBI}}, {{NRCS Plants}}, {{ThePlantList species}}, {{TPDB}}, {{Tropicos}}, {{WRMS}} or {{WRMS species}} (Implemented in Wikidata4Bio)

Normally this category should contain no gallery.

Normally this category should contain species and infraspecies (varieties, subspecies...). Most of these categories will certainly remain without wikidata link because there is a commons cat and a commons gallery, but only a single wikidata item which is linked to the commons gallery


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