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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisTetrapoda • ClassisMammalia • OrdoArtiodactyla • SubordoRuminantia • FamiliaBovidae • SubfamiliaCaprinae • GenusCapra • SpeciesCapra aegagrus • SubspeciesCapra aegagrus hircus

Error in Wikidata: wikidata item 'Saanen goat' (Q645054) property 'instance of' (P31) has a strange value 'goat breed' (Q15622387) (currently accepted values: 'taxon' (Q16521), 'monotypic taxon' (Q310890), 'group' (Q4150646), 'cultivar' (Q4886), 'fossil taxon' (Q23038290), 'monotypic fossil taxon' (Q47487597), 'clade' (Q713623), 'virus' (Q808), 'ichnotaxon' (Q2568288), 'species aggregate' (Q1297859), 'Wikimedia category' (Q4167836))

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