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The Unkar Group Horst

  • The normal faulted block (3 sub-faults), (Roadside Geology of Arizona, p. 286, graphic: "Faults of eastern Grand Canyon show..." (about 35 strike faults)). (with a NW-strike -(google terminology search), north side, up Phantom Creek); the block is at the southwest section: Intersection of Bright Angel Fault (SSW-by-NNE, up Brt Angel Can, and Garden Creek, South Rim side) with Grandview-Phantom (?), the NW-by-SE fault (turns south at Grandview Point, from Phantom Creek at west, Bright Angel Canyon).
    The block is bounded by: Granite Gorge (south, and SSE (The Box, of Bright Angel Creek), Phantom Creek (and canyon), northwest, and north, Bright Angel Canyon (east, and SE). Ninetyone Mile Creek may be its west border,(?) or under erosion debris of Trinity Creek, directly west.