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Category:user oc and the following sub-categories include Users with Babel Template {{user oc}}.

Category:User oc-N: Template{{User oc-N}}: Utilisator qu'a l'occitan coma lenga mairala.
Category:User oc-4: Template{{User oc-4}}: Utilisator que pòt contribuir amb un nivèl plan avançat d'occitan.
Category:User oc-3: Template{{User oc-3}}: Utilisator que pòt contribuir amb un nivèl avançat d'occitan.
Category:User oc-2: Template{{User oc-2}}: Utilisator que pòt contribuir amb un nivèl intermediari d'occitan.
Category:User oc-1: Template{{User oc-1}}:
Category:User oc-0: Template{{User oc-0}}:

This category lists users according to their ability in the Occitan language.

Category:User oc-N: Native Occitan speakers
Category:User oc-4: Users with level of Occitan comparable to native speakers
Category:User oc-3: Users with advanced and fluent level of Occitan
Category:User oc-2: Users with intermediate level of Occitan
Category:User oc-1: Users with basic level of Occitan
Category:User oc-0: Users without level of Occitan

For a list of language specific tags see Commons:Babel.