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Check for this every now and then:

The said 404 links are expected to show up sooner or later at

as the other 650 dead links eventually did. -- Tuválkin ✉ 21:40, 10 September 2014 (UTC)

Then go back here and ask for undeletion.

Personal photos?[edit]

I wrote this in a DR discussion, but it applies to a lot of others — so lets have here a handy pointer:

While I agree with the sentiment, the only useful way to fix this problem is to reduce the exaggerated proeminence given to the mobile uploads gadget in the mobile versions of Commons and several Wikipedias (i.a., taking down imbecile things like «This article lacks a photo — shoot one and upload it right now!»). For that, the foundation is the target to be addressed; lashing at individual uploads is petty and inffective.

Secondly, what the heck are “personal” photos, and why do you hate them? Most photos we curate and cherish are “personal”, i.e., shot by a person. Moreover, even considering a wider meaning of the word "personal", — again most of our valuable media was created and uploaded, and is being curated, within a framework of purely personal interest, as opposed to professional or any other “unpersonal” attachment. Can we stop calling something personal when we want to disparage items simply deemed frivolous and off-topic?

-- Tuválkin 00:50, 9 May 2014 (UTC)

From this:

Categorization increases the encyclopedic value of Commons as a whole, but the value of each item does not depend on how it is categorized. Categorizing is something we do, just like deleting is, so when you consider a deletion request wondering «If only this was properly categorized…» that’s the wrong approach: Categorize it, instead, or leave it for someone else to do it.

This deletionist approach equates increasing the total encyclopedic value of Commons by either actually improving curation (categories, descriptions) or deleting miscategorized or uncategorized content items (thus improving the average of those who are properly curated). That’s lazy and amounts to vandalism.

-- Tuválkin 13:21, 17 August 2015 (UTC)

Less-than-stellar moments, exposed[edit]

(I need to go through history and diffs to find older ones; starting this on 21:18, 26 July 2015 (UTC).)

Renamings, languages, and spaces in filenames[edit]


  • {{Div col}}{{Div col end}}
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    • == {{int:filedesc}} ==
      | description = {{eo|Tramvoja disbranĉejo en Lisbono}}
      | source = {{Own}} ({{User|John Doe}})
      {{attribSVG|Map of Alabama highlighting Cullman County.svg|David Benbennick}}
      * http://page.url/detail/
      * http://same.url/foo/image_detail.jpg
      {{Information_field |name=Ref.ª A.M.C.M.L.|value= <span style="float:left;"> PT/AMLSB/JBN/002038 ({{H:title|«cota antiga»|&#61; JBN002038 &#61; A23052 &#61; N20806}}) </span> {{Institution:Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa}} }}
      | date = {{unknown|date}} {{According to EXIF data|yyyy-mm-dd}} *{{Invalid Exif date}}
      | author = [ Joe Blow] {{User|John Doe}}
      | permission = {{lang|«[link to quoted permission, if any (remote or local, usually talk page or user page)]»}}
      [[#Lic|{{see below}}]]
      | other_versions= {{other|boo_far.jpg|Something here.}}
      | other_fields={{Information_field |name=1st uploaded as the|value={{subst:formatnum:{{subst:#expr:{{subst:formatnum:{{subst:NUMBEROFFILES}}|R}}+1}}}}<sup>th</sup> file in Wikimedia Commons}}
      {{Object location|38|42|26.068|N|9|8|34.264|W|}}

      {{fictitious flag}}
      {{self photographed}}{{self-photographed}}

      {{License Review}}

  • Really cool thingy:
    {{ #invoke:Chart | bar chart
    | height = 250
    | width = 900
    | stack = 1
    | x legends = 29-May:5-Jun:12-Jun:19-Jun:26-Jun:3-Jul:10-Jul:17-Jul
    | group 1 = 0:0:3:0:0:0:0:0
    | group 2 = 457:185:410:308:103:161:133:92
    | group 3 = 115:23:63:35:11:11:2:24
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  • Motive to delete bogus galleries:

    Contentless, unmantained and obsolete haphazard gallery; its uses are much better served by [[:Category:{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] and by its subcategories.

  • Special:RecentChangesLinked/Category:Trams_in_Lisbon
  • {{speedy|Created by a user who has the nasty habit of creating random categories and leaving them empty, as if expecting others to populate them: Although that works for the most trivial, fanciful categories such as this one must be populated by whoever encountered the purported subject, or else be safely deleted as apparent nonsense.}}


Fortuitous arrangements of Portuguese surnames are not productive: an individual person’s name should be linked to their own separate given names (usually two, seldom one) and surnames (usually 2 or 3, some times more, very seldom one); they are not even useful to find family relations, as they change typically in each generation and often even siblings do not share the same exact combo. (This may be valid to other cultures where multiple surnames are common practice, such as Spanish, but better have someone actually knowledgeable of Spanish and other onomastics to work on it.) Shoehorning the central/northern European anthroponym practice (two name words, surname last) to everybody’s personal names wont ultimately work and is a bad practice that have been pervasive both in Wikidata and in Commons (made worse thereon due to WD influence). Japanese, Hungarian, Icelandic, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, even French — all these have specific ways to depart more or less to what is percieved as the Only Possible Way and need to be properly covered instead.

Custom Wikilove[edit]

== Serenity now! == {| style="background-color: #fdffe7; border: 1px solid #fceb92;" |rowspan="2" style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 5px;" | [[File:Jason Alexander Fourth of July (cropped).jpg|100px]] |style="font-size: x-large; padding: 3px 3px 0 3px; height: 1.5em;" | '''The George Costanza Serenity Award''' |- |style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 3px;" | Serenity, NOW! — needed, even when done wrong. -- [[User:Tuvalkin|Tuválkin]] [[User talk:Tuvalkin|✉]] [[Special:Contributions/Tuvalkin|✇]] 17:14, 14 September 2019 (UTC) |}

== It gets better == {| style="background-color: #fdffe7; border: 1px solid #fceb92;" |rowspan="2" style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 5px;" | [[File:Carl Reichert Der Gratulant.jpg|100px]] |style="font-size: x-large; padding: 3px 3px 0 3px; height: 1.5em;" | '''The Slightly Bizarre Obsession Targets Award''' |- |style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 3px;" | Loved [ this] understatement — you’re a gentleman! -- [[User:Tuvalkin|Tuválkin]] [[User talk:Tuvalkin|✉]] 18:45, 13 March 2015 (UTC) |}

== Wish granted! == {| style="background-color: #fdffe7; border: 1px solid #fceb92;" |rowspan="2" style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 5px;" | [[File:Voltaire_by_Jean-Antoine_Houdon_(1778).jpg|100px]] |style="font-size: x-large; padding: 3px 3px 0 3px; height: 1.5em;" | '''Voltaire Award''' |- |style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 3px;" | <big>«J’ai toujours fait une prière à Dieu, qui est fort courte. La voici: ''Mon Dieu, rendez nos ennemis bien ridicules!'' Dieu m’a exaucé.»</big>

Commons’ stats[edit]

  • Files: 93,613,455
  • Users: 11,949,545
  • SysOps: 184

Random few of my latest(-ish) uploads[edit]

(Currently not working because of this.)

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