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No human beings![edit]

I am a member of a tiny minority of mammals known as the Homo sapiens, or human beings. I would like the editors of Wikipedia to be aware that there are many, many members of my speices who are significantly more famous than most or all of the mammals listed here. Our kind are indeed being slighted in this list, and to be honest I feel quite excluded and suspect the editors of discriminating attitudes.

Please see to it that this is corrected and that a representative number of human beings are added to your list of famous mammals, and try to encourage editors to work on articles where they won't be tempted to show bigoted attitudes.

Who wrote this article, by the way? A horse from Saskatchewan? It wouldn't surprise me! (talk · contribs), 2013.03.11 +04:31:42‎

Pictogram voting keep.svg There ya go. -- Tuválkin 22:07, 29 September 2014 (UTC)