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Welcome to the GLAM WikiProject (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) on the Wikimedia Commons! We are a group dedicated to improving coverage of topics related to the cultural sector. This is a subproject to GLAM on Wikimedia Outreach, a broader GLAM outreach page coordinating GLAM related efforts on all Wikimedia projects (Wikipedias, Commons, Wikisource, etc.)

The purpose of this page is to provide:

  1. links to GLAM related resources on Commons and centralized place for coordinating GLAM efforts on Commons
  2. a list of Commons users who are familiar with GLAM issues and might be able to help
  3. a forum for GLAM related discussions on Commons: Commons talk:GLAM

GLAM efforts[edit]

Commons:Partnerships: List of formal and informal partnerships between affiliates of the Wikimedia Foundation and other groups/organizations (often related to GLAM institutions) that have resulted in substantial new collections being added to Commons.


Note: Batch uploads of images from GLAM institutions should use {{Artwork}} or {{Book}} template instead of more common {{Information}} template.


GLAM related templates on Commons are used for formatting metadata describing artworks, institutions, artists, etc. and presenting it in clear and uncluttered way. In many cases most of the description is translated into the language of the user. Users working with GLAM related media should be familiar with the following templates:

  • Template {{Artwork}} is used, instead of more common {{Information}} template, for storing artwork metadata. Please see template documentation for details on how to fill each field.
  • Template {{Creator}} allow storing of basic biographical information. For each artist a single Creator template is created in specialized "creator" namespace, which stores information about the artist. The template is than used in files and categories related to the artist.
  • Template {{Institution}} allow storing of basic information, about GLAM institutions. For each institution a single Institution template is created in specialized "institution" namespace, which stores information about the institution. The template is than used in files and categories related to the institution.
  • {{Authority control}} template is used to add links to major catalogs and provide unique ID's to people categories. See Category:Categories with authority control data.


  • Jarekt - mass image uploads, maintenance through bots, template support, administrative support
  • PKM - templates, categorization, moves/renames
  • - OTRS tickets, trusted user verifications, licenses, templates
  • Wittylama - outreach, negotiations
  • Aude - technical support, bots, outreach and project coordination (Wikimedia DC)
  • SarahStierch - OTRS tickets, negotiations, licensing advising, documentation, support

Resources on other projects[edit]


  • GLAMify tool for identifying images in a category which are used in one wiki and could be reused in others