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Third Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year

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Voting for the Final round is closed. Thank you for your collaboration.

Voting period for the second (final) round[edit]

Voting in the final round runs from 19th April (Sunday) until 23:59 UTC 30 April (Thursday). Votes cast after the closing date will be disqualified.

Voting eligibility[edit]

Voting is open for all Wikimedians who were registered before 1 January 2009 and with at least 200 edits on any Wikimedia project (before the beginning of the contest, 12 Feburary 2009). You must have all those edits on a single account. Even if you have multiple eligible accounts, you can only vote once. The voting register will be made public to help detect ineligible voting.

First check your SUL status and account eligibility:

How to vote[edit]

All the category winners and honourable mentions in Round 1 now move forward to the final round in which the Picture of the Year 2008 will be chosen. In the final, you may vote for a single image only. (If you happen to vote for more than one image by mistake, only your most recent vote will be counted. If you find double votes, please strike the older ones with the reason and your signature). You are allowed to change your vote at any time before the end of the contest; simply strike your original vote and add your new vote.

To vote, go to the voting page Commons:Picture of the Year/2008/Finalists.

Please follow the voting guidelines below which will help make vote verification and checking easier.

If you have an eligible account (ie an account which is registered before 2009-01-01 and with 200 edits before 2009-02-12), please vote using the template Template:2008POTY/Vote as shown below:

# {{2008POTY/Vote|your_account}}~~~~~
  • If there is a space in your username, please replace the space with an underscore "_".

If you have an eligible account different from the one that you are currently using on Commons, please add that information after your signature, like this:

# {{2008POTY/Vote|youraccount in Commons}}. I have an eligible account in fr.wikipedia as [[:fr:User:AAAAAA]].~~~~~


# {{2008POTY/Vote|youraccount in Commons}}.  My account was renamed. My former account was [[:User:BBBBB]].~~~~~

If you have no account which was registered before 2009-01-01 and with 200 edits before 2009-02-12, you can still leave a comment in the comment section, but you may not vote.

Comments (optional)[edit]

Please post your comment (optional) in the comment section of the votelist you choose.

How to check your vote[edit]

If you like to check your vote afterward, open your contributions page, find the vote pages where you have voted, and open them. You can add comments there, too.

Voting register[edit]