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Variations on the {{Information}} template[edit]

Interesting examples in terms of licensing and copyright[edit]

Media with difficult-to-copy-paste filenames[edit]

Strings in right-to-left languages are notoriously difficult to copy/paste, on desktop and even more on mobile. Note that switching to Wikidata-like identifiers instead of filenames would solve the problem.

Photos and scans of two-dimensional artworks[edit]


Photos of three-dimensional artworks[edit]


A PNG file can be fix or with moving parts --Rical (talk) 10:23, 19 December 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]


De kleine man - Louis Davids.ogg
A song by Louis Davids
help | file info or download
Rajagopal speech in Lidköping, Sweden (audio only).ogg
A speech (uploaded from YouTube; derivative of a video version) (via Yann)
help | file info or download
Pronunciation of a word in Czech language (via Juandev)
help | file info or download
LL-Q150 (fra)-0x010C-fils (pluriel de fil).wav
Pronunciation of a word which is an homograph (and thus needs a distinctive description) in French, with some metadata on the speaker (via 0x010C)
help | file info or download
BělehradskáxBruselská 0001.ogg
Ambience sound (via Juandev)
help | file info or download
Chór Eryana - Graj mi Cyganie - ODEON N45118a.ogg
- {{Musical work}} template with the photograph of of the actual record label of the recorded music
help | file info or download
Anthem of Europe (US Navy instrumental long version).ogg
- {{Musical work}} template with three authors: composer, lyrics author and performer and separate licenses for each
help | file info or download
PDP-CH - Adolf Busch Chamber Players - Adolf Busch - Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068 - Overture, Part 1 - Bach - Hmv-db3018-2ea3896.flac
Digitized 78 RPM record as lossless Flac file. MediaWiki can still not read the tags embedded in the Flac file (It can read the same tags from lossy Ogg files). This file is using the {{Musical work}} template but most information that could be structured data is just in the free text description field. The original source provides each field as semantic properties.
help | file info or download
Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) (W1CDR0001471 BD4).ogg
The call of a Northern Lapwing, bird song provided and copyrighted by the British Library, recorded on 13 April 1980 by Aubrey John Williams.
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Text documents (PDF, DJVU...)[edit]


Maps use the template Map. It displays similar properties as the Artwork template, with added information from other templates. Additionally, the bounding box or the centroid of the map can be described with coordinates. The Map template displays a link to Wikimaps Warper, where it is possible to georectify the map and align it with a base map. If the map has been rectified with the Warper, the Map template knows it. The properties used in the Map template have been listed and mapped to Wikidata properties in the Wikidata WikiProject Maps: Historical map properties page.

Complex cases[edit]


  • Category:Louvre G 133 the artwork in itself depicts lot of stuff ; each individual pictures depicts just a part of that


(random picks; there may be better examples)

Going beyond the metadata of such files (including the real-world meaning of different columns), would a SERVICE be possible to access the actual contents of one of these files from a query?

Interesting curation of media files[edit]