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A core feature of structured data is providing a machine-readable metadata option for the file description page. This metadata feature uses properties such as copyright status, licensing, and ways to describe file from Wikidata.  The statements about the copyright status, etc., are displayed and edited on Commons. Editing metadata is compatible with RevisionDeletion, so all administrative tools will be available though they are not shown in these mockups. No existing templates, text, formatting, or anything else will change from the existing file page.

The metadata will be displayed below the existing file page information. The tabs at the top for “File information” and “Metadata” are anchor points like section headers and do not toggle anything. The mockups below move the Download/Use this file/Etc. bar currently at the top of the file page to [wherever it is], and changes it to be [however it changes it.]  This potential new layout is included in part to give everyone the idea of how a design for the “new” file page will work while preserving all the things in the old one (because it’s difficult to imagine the metadata without the context of the entire file page design.) This new box is something that the team will work on in the future so feedback is welcome about it as well, though the focus for this consultation is on the metadata.

Scripts and bots will be important users of this metadata, but humans will be curating it. With that in mind, the development team would like to hear what humans think about these copyright and licensing mockups in relation to the overall experience.


Primary questions: does the license statement design work for you?  Is it intuitive in its environment? Is there anything missing?

Secondary questions: If the current file page was replaced with this tomorrow, is this something you could work with? Do you know what all the information means, and how to use and edit it? Please keep in mind that the information in the current file page will remain, and will remain exactly the same.

Please join others and participate in the discussion after going through a few example galleries below.


Pokemon airplane[edit]

Original file: PokemonJA8288.JPG

Here is an example of an image that depicts things that are in copyright, but the image itself is freely licensed as the use of copyrighted material is considered de minimis. The concept of copyright and licensing are bundled here as the term “usage rights.”

Museum piece[edit]

Original file: Chinese_-_Camel_-_Walters_492383_-_Profile.jpg

This example has an object on display in a museum. The image was donated so it has an OTRS permission, as well as crediting the donating institution.

Potentially controversial[edit]

Original file: Louvre_at_dusk.JPG

This image of sunset at the Louvre in France contains a depiction of the Louvre Pyramid, which is covered by French copyright law. However, the depiction is considered unavoidable and de minimis. Here are examples of how this can be displayed.