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Many Commons tools, gadgets, bots and workflows might be affected if these want to also work with structured metadata on Wikimedia Commons.

  • A Google spreadsheet collects more than 100 tools that have been identified as being useful for Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and GLAM. Anyone can add input and comments there.
  • For more information on how to use GLAM-Wiki related tools or batch upload tools, see the page Commons:Structured data/GLAM/Tools.

This chart attempts to list some tools and scripts used in the Structured data on Commons workflow. This is based on the linked open data workflow, which is also built upon the data and media partnerships chart on Outreach Wiki.

PREPARE and tidy source data and images RECONCILE with Wikimedia modeling and coverage INGEST data and media ANALYZE, correct, and enrich RE-USE content intra-wiki and externally REPORT and measure
  • Media Search on Commons
  • Image Suggestions
  • Wikimedia Commons Query Service (Beta)

Difficulty levels when working with structured data on Commons:

Easy Medium Difficult Hard

Built into Commons interface:

  • Structured Data tab on the Wikimedia Commons Media Search

Scripts on Commons:

Toolforge and external tools:

  • PetScan
  • Image Annotator
  • Minefield
  • Wikimedia Commons Query Service

Batch upload tools:

  • Quickstatements
  • Pattypan

Scripting and bots:

  • Pywikibot
  • Direct API interface

Actively tracked tools[edit]

The table below lists the tools that are selected as being important, and/or that have potential for Structured Commons, and that are actively tracked.

Tool name / code repository Maintainer What it does Main category Tracked / issues Status
Pattypan / Github Yarl Mass upload to Commons via spreadsheets Upload phabricator:T181057 / Github issue  Not started yet
QuickStatements2 / code Magnus Manske Bulk editor for structured data Bulk editing phabricator:T181062 / Bitbucket issue  Not started yet
Commons Android app / Github Contributors Smartphone app that shows nearby Wikidata items lacking a P18 image, and allows users to take a picture, write multilingual descriptions, select appropriate categories (with suggestions based on geolocation/history/text, and upload it to Wikimedia Commons, automatically setting the P18. Upload phabricator:T181136  Not started yet
LrMediaWiki plugin for Adobe Lightroom / Github Hasenläufer Open source plugin for Adobe Lightroom; one of the frequently-used upload tools to Wikimedia Commons Upload phabricator:T181224  Not started yet
Tool name / code repository Maintainer What it does Main category Phab / issue  Not started yet

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