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Benoit Rochon (Coordinator)
Fralambert (French lists)
Skeezix1000 (English lists)

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 is a photographic competition organized by Wikimedia chapters. The contest is aimed primarily at historic sites and monuments of each country official contest organizer.


In 2010, he was held for the first time in the Netherlands (see Wiki Loves Monuments 2010 for more information), and in 2011 it was organized in 18 European countries (see Wiki Loves Monuments 2011). In total more than 167,000 photos of European monuments were uploaded in 2011.

In 2012, the competition becomes more international because of Wikimedia chapters outside the European Union also organize the competition in their respective countries. Canada, with over 12,000 historic places, intends to participate and showcase historic sites by adding images in Commons.

This page is for people who organize the competition for coordination purposes. For the public site, visit

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