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A bunch of tools already exist, but they are designed and set up for use in the Wiki Loves Monuments environment. Have a look at the tools page from WLM 2012 to find useful tools to modify, adapt or build upon. Feel free to add tools to the lists as they are working in the Public Art environment, or add things to the wishlist. The database will be freely available, so that people can build tools onto it, and re-use the data. That way, you can for example project the artworks on a map, or make other additional work with it.


All tools should follow these general guidelines

  • The tool should be open source.
  • The source should be published.
  • Keep internationalization in mind.
  • Preferably the tools should be developed at the toolserver or on WMF labs.

Existing Tools[edit]

Some headlines to keep the tools separated in categories.







One of the important wishes from WLM is an easier tool for mass uploading, the logical choice seems to build upon Commonist, although this might still be hard for relatively new users