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On this moment there is a number of tools allready developed and a number of tools on the wishlist. See also the tools page from 2011. The database will be freely available, so that people can build tools onto it, and re-use the data. That way, you can for example project the monuments on a map, or make other additional work with it.


All tools should follow these general guidelines

  • The tool should be open source.
  • The source should be published.
  • Keep internationalization in mind.
  • Preferably the tools should be developed at the toolserver

Existing Tools[edit]

Translations for WLM tools[edit]

Bug list[edit]


One of the important wishes is an easier tool for mass uploading, the logical choice seems to build upon Commonist, although this might still be hard for relatively new users

Simplified Commonist[edit]

See also Commons:Tools/Commonist

Mass upload for Wiki Loves Monuments has so far been a tough thing to do, especially for the new and inexperienced participants of the contest.

Wikimedia Foundation developers have done a great job on preparing & fixing UploadWizard and enabling UploadCampaigns that we used in September 2011. It is limited to batch uploads of 50 files, and as of May 2012, has a feature which enables applying metadata across a whole batch. Users may nevertheless prefer a desktop uploading tool for larger batches or more careful preparation of uploads.


The basic wish is that there is an option to mass upload. Therefor the minimum adjustments to Commonist could be:

  • Deleting not strictly needed fields:
    • No need to choose the wiki (Wikimedia Commons set by default);
    • No need to choose the licence and permission (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 by default);
    • No need to insert the source (should be set as Own work by default);
    • No need to choose categories (will be dealt with by templates);
    • No need to insert coordinates (could be taken from EXIF data);
  • Instead:
  • The programme should allow to insert the ID of the monument;
  • It should have the WLM logo somewhere;
  • It should be as much localisable as possible;


When the criteria in Basic are met the tool would still be very hard to handle for new users therefor it would be better if there would be more improvements.

Here are some proposed requirements and ideas for such a programme (hint: I am not a programmer, so feel free to suggest your own ideas!):

  • Preferably as similar to the UploadCampaign as possible.
  • It should have some hard-coded (but localisable) information on the rules of contest or the licence;
  • An "info" tab (with a basic FAQ or some links) would be a plus.
  • Sexiness (i.e. easy-to-use and shiny) would be a plus.
  • A general improvement to commonist would be the possibility to save the descriptions etcetera you have written down.
  • Maybe uploading during the writing of descriptions is possible (e.g. upload all images which are marked if the user preferes this.)

Flickr import request[edit]

This will be worked out on a later moment, the idea is that countries which use Flickr can request here to import the pictures from Flickr to Commons. If countries use other upload (then Commons or Flickr) platforms make sure you know how you will import these to Commons.