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The team working on the international contest has took the decision that we will postpone the Wiki Loves Public Art contest for 2014 and review the possibility again next year. We have reached this conclusion as there are a number of issues that have to be solved for the contest to make sense, and each of them are a potential show stopper. The issues are:

  • Legal issues.
  • Lack of strong international partners/sponsors.
  • Technical issues.

John Andersson, on behalf of the international team

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Wiki Loves Public Art 2014 is an international public photo contest around public art work, organized by Wikimedia chapters and groups. The contest was initiated by Wikimedia Sweden and Europeana and took place for the first time in May 2013. This portal is mainly targeted at the people organizing this contest.


The contest is based on the very successful competition Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) and it shares the same basic structure. Just like WLM this contest is organized in a federative fashion, so the details on a national level might differ from country to country. The basic concept is that people are invited to upload images of public art works objects under a free license for usage on Wikipedia.

Participating countries[edit]

The contest is during May 2014, with the results in before the summer. We don't want to intrude upon the already successful Wiki Loves Monument scavenger hunt, and indeed will cooperate with them as much as possible.

A list of definitely or possibly participating countries can be found on Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2014/Participating countries
More detailed information on which countries participate, and organization details are available on Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2014/Progress


The preparation for the contest began in November 2013.

A timeline is available on Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2014/Timeline

The results will be announced by the jury in Juli 2014

You can see the winners on Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2014/Results


  1. The lists of public art works should be structured and there should be an infrastructure on Commons, allowing to tag the art works with their identifier.
  2. These lists will be harvested on a regular basis. The result is put in the Public Art database which is included in the Monuments database for Wiki Loves Monuments.
  3. Tools can be created based on this database.

Help us with organizing the contest in 2014[edit]

Amongst other things we need:

Task Why this is important I would like to help with this Comments
Help with getting this portal in order This is a central tool to coordinate the work between volunteers and a great resource
Web designer(s) working on the international website The most central tool to coordinate to new possible contributors and partners
Web designer(s) willing to help smaller teams/new countries to get started You can really make it easier for an entire new country to join!
Expert users on Commons (to get the categories in order, sort through images etc.) We want this to be nice and tidy and the images should be easy to use!
Bot operators Use your imagination and make great things happen!
WLM tools to be adjusted so that they work for us as well Please make it possible for us to also use your great tools!
Someone to help with coordinating the communication Pressreleases, blog posts, email reminders etc. It's great fun!
Set up the international jury Without a jury, no contest. Do you know suitable people? Please contact them.
Find sponsors and international partners Help us make the most out of this event, without costing the movement much money
Prepare the survey We need to know what people liked or would like to see changed so that we can do it even better in 2015!
Other Have we missed something you would like to contribute with?

Your help is crucial to get this to work! If you are interested, please add yourself here or send an email to our email list: