Flags based on British ensigns

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This is a gallery of flags based on British ensigns.

British ensigns[edit]



Blue ensign[edit]

Blue ensign with white cross[edit]

Other blue ensign[edit]

Azure or cyan ensign[edit]

Azure or cyan with cross[edit]

Plain azure or cyan Ensign[edit]

Plain azure or cyan Civil Air Ensign[edit]

Plain azure or cyan Air Force Ensign[edit]

Other azure or cyan flag or ensign[edit]

Red ensign[edit]

As (de facto or de jure) national or subnational political flag[edit]


As current ensign of government body of the United Kingdom[edit]


As municipal political flag[edit]

As civil ensign[edit]



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Red ensign with white cross[edit]

Other red ensign[edit]

White ensign[edit]

Plain White ensign, Union Jack canton[edit]

Plain White ensign, Other flag canton[edit]

Other plain white ensign, non-Union Jack canton[edit]

Yellow ensign[edit]

Green ensign[edit]

Green ensign with gold cross[edit]

Other green flag or ensign[edit]

Orange ensign[edit]

Black ensign[edit]

Striped ensign[edit]

Checked ensign[edit]

Other derivatives[edit]

Defaced Union Flags[edit]


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