Gallery of flags with cantons

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This is a gallery of flags which use a distinctive canton as a feature of their design.

Flag cantons[edit]

In many flags using the canton pattern, the canton is used to depict another flag in order to denote a relationship between the two. (For other uses of flags on flags, see gallery of flags by design.)

Flag of the Bahamas[edit]

Flag of the Confederate States of America[edit]

Flag of England[edit]

Flag of France[edit]

Flag of India[edit]

Flag of Israel[edit]

Flag of Malaysia[edit]

Flag of Mauritius[edit]

Flag of New Zealand[edit]

Royal New Zealand Navy Ensign[edit]

Flag of Nigeria[edit]

Flag of Pakistan[edit]

Flag of Singapore[edit]

Flag of the Solomon Islands[edit]

Flag of South Africa[edit]

Flag of the United Kingdom[edit]

See Gallery of British ensigns. Some examples:

Other flags[edit]

Other cantons[edit]


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Single star[edit]

Crescent and star[edit]

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Multiple stars[edit]


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