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The chronological story of Nativity of Jesus Christ according to Gospel harmony (w:)

Number Commons category Commons article Wikipedia article Type Matthew Luke Other
1 w:Pre-existence of Christ miscellaneous John 1:1-18
2 Category:Genealogy of Jesus Genealogy of Jesus w:Genealogy of Jesus nativity Matthew 1:1-17 Luke 3:23-38
3 Category:Birth of John the Baptist Birth of John the Baptist w:Birth of John the Baptist nativity Luke 1:5-25
4 Category:Annunciation Annunciation w:Annunciation nativity Luke 1:26-38
4b Category:Dream of Saint Joseph Dream of Saint Joseph w:St. Joseph's dream nativity Matthew 1:20
5 Category:Visitation (Bible) Visitation of Mary w:Visitation of Mary nativity Luke 1:39-56
6 Category:Mary and Joseph
Category:Census at Bethlehem
Category:Mary and Joseph seeking refuge
Birth of Jesus w:Virgin birth of Jesus nativity Matthew 1:18-25 Luke 2:1-7
7 Category:Annunciation to the Shepherds Annunciation to the shepherds w:Annunciation to the shepherds nativity Luke 2:8-15
8 Category:Adoration of the Shepherds w:Adoration of the shepherds nativity Luke 2:16-20
9 Category:Holy Family
Category:Circumcision of Christ
Circumcision of Jesus w:Circumcision of Jesus nativity Luke 2:21
10 Category:Candlemas (Category:Presentation of Jesus Christ at the Temple) Infant Jesus at the Temple w:Infant Jesus at the Temple nativity Luke 2:22-38
11 Category:Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem w:Star of Bethlehem nativity Matthew 2:1-2
12 Category:Three Wise Men
Category:Magi before Herod
Category:Adoration of the Magi
Adoration of the Magi w:Adoration of the Magi nativity Matthew 2:3-12
13 Category:Flight into Egypt Flight into Egypt w:Flight into Egypt nativity Matthew 2:13-15
14 Category:Massacre of the Innocents Massacre of the Innocents w:Massacre of the Innocents nativity Matthew 2:16-18
15 w:Herod the Great's death miscellaneous Matthew 2:19-20
16 Category:Return from Egypt Return of young Jesus to Nazareth w:Return of young Jesus to Nazareth youth Matthew 2:21-23 Luke 2:39-39

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Annunciation to Elizabeth[edit]

Annunciation to Mary[edit]

Main: Annunciation

Dream of Saint Joseph[edit]

Mary and Joseph[edit]


Birth of John the Baptist[edit]

Census at Bethlehem[edit]

Holy Family[edit]

Annunciation to the Shepherds[edit]

Adoration by the shepherds[edit]

See also: sculptures, stained glass windows, and paintings for more images

Circumcision of Christ[edit]


Deutsch: Darstellung des Herrn im Tempel, Mariä Lichtmess, Mariä Reinigung
English: Presentation of Jesus in temple, Meeting of the Lord, Candlemas or Purification of Mary
Français : Présentation de Jésus au Temple, Purification de la Vierge Marie ou Chandeleur (qui est la traduction du mot anglais Candlemas)
Italiano : Presentazione di Gesù al Tempio, Candelora, Purificazione di Maria

Star of Bethlehem[edit]

Main: Star of Bethlehem

Three Wise Men[edit]

Note: It was never explicitly said there was three persons

Magi before Herod[edit]

Adoration of the Magi[edit]

Flight into Egypt[edit]

Main gallery: Flight into Egypt.

Massacre of the Innocents[edit]

Return from Egypt[edit]

Scenes from the Gospels[edit]

Scenes from Matthew[edit]

Scenes from Luke[edit]