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English: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
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Adds language name, in native language (autonym), and colon in front of the text in that language. Also adds machine-readable tags identifying the text as being in that language.

The template automatically sets the following categories:


{{Description |text_lang= |text= }}

Template parameters

languageWikicode for the language and name of the CSS formatting class. In majority of the cases the language code is supported by the wikimedia software and will be used to look up the the names of the language in that language (lang_name) and in the users language (hover)emptyrequired
textdescription text to displayemptyrequired
hover textName of the language in English used as text for tooltip aka hover text or mouse-over text. This parameter is used when language code in the parameter 1 is not supported by wikimedia software, other wise name of the language in users language will be supplied.emptyoptional
lang_namelanguage nameName of the language in that language. This parameter is mostly needed if language code in the parameter 1 is not supported by wikimedia software, or if the language name in front of the text is wrong otherwise.emptyoptional
extension textextension text shown after the language name before colon (optional, default is empty)(empty)optional
inlineinlineoptional boolean, false by default. When set to "true" (or "1", "yes", "on") , forces the template to be displayed inline, so that it does not break the current paragraph (i.e. that makes possible to put several descriptions side by side on a single line)emptyoptional

Additional information

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