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I, Andre Peltier, am a Lecturer II at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I have been a member of the Department of English Language and Literature since the fall of 1998. I earned both my Bachelor's of Science degree in literature and my Master's of Arts degree in literature from Eastern Michigan University where I worked as a Graduate Assistant between 1998 and 2000. When I finished my MA, I was hired on as a full time Lecturer I which is what I remained until the fall of 2007 when I was promoted to Lecturer II.

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Family Life[edit]

I live in Depot Town, Ypsilanti, MI with my wife and three childeren. We have lived in this area since the summer of 1996.


My focus as an undergrad was primarilly on 19th century American Literature, but in Grad School I became more interested in Postmodernism and specifically in Deconstruction. Over the last ten yeyars, I've been teaching Freshman Composition courses, Intro to Literature courses and African American Literature which is now my main focus. I'm particularily interested in the ideas of narrative structure dealt with in the writings of people like Ishmael Reed, Paul Beatty, and even Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs.

Other Jobs[edit]

Since lecturing doesn't pay quite what I'd like, I also work a couple part time jobs on the side. I work at Plum Market, a natural and imported foods grocery store in Ann Arbor, Mi and across the street at Nicola's Books, a local book store. My other jobs since college have included the following:



I have been playing soccer since 1979 when I was in kindergarten. I played constantly from then until I finished high school when I took a long deserved break from the sport. However, in the fall of 2002, my brother talked me into joining a team. Since then, I have become the captain/coach of the team and I also coach my daughter and my son in the Ypsilanti Township Recreation League. As far as being a spectator/fan goes, I watch soccer all the time and am a devout follower of Arsenal F.C. I also support the France national football team and have since the 1982 FIFA World Cup Finals in Spain when France lost to West Germany in the semi-finals after Harald Schumacher got away with knocking a French attacker out cold. My distain for the German team and the eventual winners, the Italian team, has never really subsided.


Growing up, I was most interested in th rise of Hip Hop. My first concert experience was seeing LL Cool J with NWA, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, and De La Soul. After that I also saw Public Enemy with the Ghetto Boys before I changed my main focus. Public Ememy's political focus lead me to The Beatles and early Bob Dylan, which in turn introduced me to The Grateful Dead. My wife and I spent our college years seeing them and other jam bands like Phish and Blues Traveler. Since then, my musical taste has broadened, and I'm more than happy to listen to any genre, but I'm also pretty picky about the quality and wil only accept the cream of the crop from the differeing genres. That said, my main intrests now are still Dylan, the Dead, and Public Enemy along with newer musicians like Ryan Adams and Gaelic Storm, plus jazz and bluegrass.

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