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Hi to All the Wiki Users,

im a German Botanist.

Very important for me is: Category:Plantae by family

There are Plant pics too at several other Categories, for example at: Category:Plantae, i try to link them with the right Category within "Plantae by family".

i work at mostly with plant articles. and i use wiki.commons pics for the plant articles. in the near future i will upload a gallery with plant pics.

Image gallery

If you have Questions to Name or Taxonomy of Plants, dont be shy and ask me. --BotBln 11:34, 24 May 2005 (UTC)



rotate pictures. simply add {{Rotate|90}} to its description for rotating by 90° clockwise.

{{bad name|richtig benanntes Bild}} für falschbenanntes bild (richtigen filenamen einsetzen) und dann erfolgt Schnelllöschung des falschen Files.

work examples