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Task 1

  • Tags motd files with appropriate template and parameters
  • Tags potd files with appropriate template and parameters
  • Notify users(uploaders) of motd and potd, within 5 minutes they are on main page.

User who have opted-out from talk-page notification :

Task 2

  • Identification of languages in infobox of file, the language of description.

Task 3

  • Categorization of files waiting for LR in general category + archiving the source URL of supported files.

Task 4 (withdrawn)


POTY related task

Task 5


Archive URLs , Flickr Commons:Bots/Requests/EatchaBot 5

  • Some archives maynot be available in the real time, it's basically because of a lag on internet archive's side. But the snapshot is taken in the real time. If you can find any archive link that's not resolving after 7 days of the edit made by this bot, report on my talk page. -- Confirmed by Eatcha (Correspondence with devs)

Task 6


Copy MOTD and POTD description from the templates to file page.
Bot will detect the language before adding anything on the file page, E.g. not gonna add Russian in English template.