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Aircraft Carriers[edit]

Invincible class aircraft carriers[edit]

The 3 aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy belong to the Invincible Class. The first ship of this class was HMS Invincible (1977). The other two ships are HMS Ark Royal (1981), the current flagship of the Royal Navy, and HMS Illustrious (1978).


Type 42 destroyers[edit]

Currently the Royal Navy has 4 Batch 2 Type 42 destroyers (HMS Exeter (1979), HMS Southampton (1980), HMS Nottingham (1980) and HMS Liverpool (1980)) and 4 Batch 3 Type 42 destroyers (HMS Manchester (1980), HMS Gloucester (1982), HMS York (1982) and HMS Edinburgh (1983)) in active service.


Type 23 frigates[edit]

The Type 23 frigates are the main frigates of the Royal Navy with as main purpose anti-submarine warfare. The first ship of this class, nicknamed Duke-class, was HMS Norfolk. From the 16 originally built ships, only 13 remain in active service, the other 3 ships (HMS Norfolk (1987), HMS Marlborough (1989) and HMS Grafton (1994)) having been sold to the Chilean navy. The 13 ships still in service with the Royal Navy are: HMS Argyll (1989), HMS Lancaster (1990), HMS Iron Duke (1991), HMS Monmouth (1991), HMS Montrose (1992), HMS Westminster (1992), HMS Northumberland (1992), HMS Richmond (1993), HMS Somerset (1994), HMS Sutherland (1996), HMS Kent (1998), HMS Portland (1999) and HMS St. Albans (2000).

Type 22 frigates[edit]

From the 14 produced Type 22 frigates only 4 (Batch 3) remain in service, these ships are named the Broadsword-class. The ships are named HMS Cornwall (1985), HMS Cumberland (1986), HMS Campbeltown (1987) and HMS Chatham (1988).

Amphibious Assault Ships[edit]

HMS Ocean[edit]

HMS Ocean is a Amphibious Assault Ship (Landing Platform Helicopter), designed to support amphibious operations. She was commissioned in 1995 and her home port is Devon.

Albion class[edit]

Albion class amphibious assault ships are the newest amphibious assault ships of the Royal Navy. The class consists of two ships, HMS Albion (2001) and HMS Bulwark (2001).


Sandown class[edit]

The Sandown class minehunter is the newest class of single role minehunters of the Royal Navy. The first, now decommissioned, ship of the class, HMS Sandown was commissioned in 1989 and the last, HMS Shoreham was commissioned in 2001. Currently there are 8 Sandown class minehunters in active service, being HMS Walney (1991), HMS Penzance (1997), HMS Pembroke (1997), HMS Grimsby (1998), HMS Bangor (1999), HMS Ramsey (1999), HMS Blyth (2000) and HMS Shoreham (2001).

Hunt class[edit]

The Hunt class mine countermasure vessel is a class of originally 13 minesweepers combining traditional minesweeping and active minehunting. Currently, there are 8 ships in active service, being HMS Ledbury (1979), HMS Cattistock (1981), HMS Brocklesby (1982), HMS Middleton (1983), HMS Chiddingfold (1984), HMS Hurworth (1984), HMS Atherstone (1986) and HMS Quorn (1988).

Patrol vessels[edit]

Antarctic patrol ship[edit]

HMS Endurance is the current and only Antarctic patrol ship. It is a class 1A1 ice breaker, commissioned in 1991.

River class[edit]

The River class is a class of offshore patrol vessels of the Royal Navy. Currently, 4 ships are in active duty, being HMS Tyne (2003), HMS Mersey (2003), HMS Severn (2003) and HMS Clyde (2007).

Gibraltar squadron[edit]

The Gibraltar squadron is the naval unit protecting Gibraltar. It consists of two Scimitar class patrol vessels; HMS Scimitar (2003) and HMS Sabre (2003).

Survey vessels[edit]

Ocean survey vessels[edit]

Currently, the only Ocean survey vessel (OSV) is HMS Scott (1996).

Coastal survey vessels[edit]

The Royal Navy has two Coastal survey vessels, HMS Gleaner (1983) and HMS Roebuck (1985).

Multi-role survey vessels[edit]

The Royal Navy has two Echo class multi-role survey vessels, both launched in 2002: HMS Echo and HMS Enterprise.

Training vessels[edit]

Archer P2000[edit]

The Archer P2000 is a class of patrol vessels currently used as training vessels. Currently the Royal Navy has 14 vessels in active service, being HMS Archer (1985), HMS Biter (1985), HMS Example (1985), HMS Explorer (1985), HMS Smiter (1985), HMS Blazer (1988), HMS Charger (1988), HMS Exploit (1988), HMS Express (1988), HMS Puncher (1988), HMS Raider (1998), HMS Ranger (1988), HMS Tracker (1998) and HMS Trumpeter (1988). Two more ships of the same type serve in the Cyprus Squadron.

Cyprus squadron[edit]

The Cyprus squadron is a squadron of the Royal Navy consisting of two Archer P2000 patrol vessels; HMS Dasher (1988) and HMS Pursuer (1988).