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Hi! My name is Michael and I originally came from the Danish Wikipedia (I'm user MGA73).

On the dawiki I monitor all the latest files and if they are ok I transfer the files to Commons.

On Commons I check if files transferred from dawiki have a valid license etc. and are transferred ok with all available information and if the categories are ok. Then I check incomplete deletion requests and files transferred from Flickr needing human review.

My bot have also tried to find categories to uncategorized files and assisted in the migration project.

But I will fix anything I come across if I know how to.

Keep an eye on... Missing legal information Backlogs are fun
Protected edit requests (5) 50 Disputed copyright status 5355 Copyright violations (8) 42
Requests for unblock (1) 1 Images with poor sources 297 Duplicate 44
Malformed deletion requests 0 No source (6) 27823 Other speedy deletions (25) 34
Incomplete deletion requests - missing reason 0 Own work claimed 0 Non-free logos 2
Deletion requests - No timestamp given 0 PD images without reason 55 Unsourced reviewed Flickr images 0
Requested moves (all) (167) 0 PD tag needs updating (6) 57 Recent unfree Flickr images 41
© Free Use w/o Rationale 2 Possibly unfree Flickr images reviewed by FlickreviewR 0
No VRTS permission 132 Flickr images needing human review (9) 7572
Items missing VRTS ticket ID 0 Possibly unfree Flickr images (2) 0
Consent queried 40 Derivative works with broken file links 0
License review needed (53) 41005 Extracted images with broken file links 1287

To do (hundreds of things to do so I will only add a few):


{{LicenseReview|[ picasa]|MGA73|{{subst:#time:Y-m-d}}}}

YouTube images to review:

Files from Facebook: File:1009205_10151745004523199_955401070_o.jpg

Beeld en Geluid wiki.

Category:Arranged license review project

insource:"UNSOM Somalia" incategory:"Flickr public domain images needing human review" can fix Flickr for example