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These are current protected edit requests made by using {{edit request}} on the talk page of the protected page.

Controversial requests, such as edits that are not in line with Commons policy, and/or community consensus, may be refused. Please make your request as clear as possible, stating exactly what you wish changed, and the reason for the change.

If a request has gone unnoticed for a large amount of time, a request can be made on Commons:Administrators' noticeboard and requests for unprotection can be made at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/Blocks and protections.

Cascading protection affects included files, however it affects their file description pages also. That causes (besides other things) that description and categorization of files used at the main page cann't be improved. This behavior is assaulted in phab:T24521 as a bug.

Admins: You can enable MediaWiki:FulfillEditRequest.js (doc) A tool to help fulfilling edit requests and to mark edit requests as done.

See also: Commons:Page protection.


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