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If any of my work is used (or remixed) outside of Wikipedia, don't forget to attribute it (Parair) if the license requires it. Notifications when my files are used are welcome, but not required. When the license does not require it, attribution is still appreciated. If you want to utilise my relicensable work (CC-BY/Beerware) under a different license, feel free to contact me.

Greater Royal Coat of Arms used by the supporters of the Claimants to the Spanish Throne (Spanish Version shield).svg
I'm an apprentice of Hispanic heraldry

Great Royal Coat of Arms of the Two Sicilies.svg Coat of arms of the House of Bourbon-Parma.svg Great Royal Coat of Arms of Etruria.svg Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Lucca.svg Arms of the House of Sforza.svg Coat of Arms of Philip IV of Burgundy.svg Ornamented Royal Coat of Arms of Portugal (Philip I).svg Cross of Alcoraz Arms.svg Coat of Arms of Navarre (Francoist).svg Arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem (Ströhl).svg Escudo del Reino de México.svg Old Coat of arms of Lima.svg Coat of Arms of Bogota (Colonial).svg

Meister von Heraldik
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