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My fathers Soviet camera Zenit TTL. I started with this in childhood.

Hi everyone, my name is Petar Milošević. My homepage is on Serbian Wikipedia. You can check my Feautered photos and videos.

Notation: If someone want to use some of my picture in any other project let me know on my Serbian "Talk page". Or You can write me an e-mail on adress

  • {{Template:PetarM/license}}
  • {{self|cc-by-sa-3.0|GFDL}}
  • {{location dms|54|59|24|N|73|22|00|E}}

I made this Template for GIMP users:

  • Usage : {{Processed with GIMP}}
GIMP Icon.svg
This photograph was processed in GIMP.

  • For Olympus E-P5 photos {{Taken with Olympus E-P5}}
Olympus Corporation logo.svg

This photograph was taken with a Olympus E-P5.

  • Manualy insert EXIF :

{{Photo Information | Model = [[:category:Olympus C5060 WZ|Olympus C5060 WZ]]| Shutter = | Aperture = | ISO = | Lens = | Focal length = | Filter = | Flash = | Support = | Film = | Developer = | Scanner = | Notes = Converted from TIF format}}

After corections are made : {{Done|Fixed}}

prečrtanje <s> </s>

About my photography equipement i used to have:

  • compact film camera Braun
  • compact film camera Olympus mju
  • film camera SLR Canon EOS 3000
  • Samsung Digimax UC-A 3
  • Sony DSC-W 80
  • Canon Powershot A 590
  • Canon Powershot G7
  • cellphone cam Samsung Galaxy S
  • Sony NEX-3 (2011-2013)
  • Olympus E-pl5 (2013-2014)

Currently in use :

  • Olympus µ 790 SW (for sport)
  • Olympus C-5060
  • Olympus E-520 (from 2010)
  • cell phone Nokia Lumia 800
  • Olympus OM-10 (film camera)

Main camera:

Some useful Open source software:

  • GIMP
  • Qtpfsgui (for HDR)
  • Rawstudio (for RAW formats)
  • Hugin (for panorama stitching)

For Olympus users i strongly recommend Olympus Viewer 3, it give much better colors than Adobe PS.

Some usefull links:

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