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Wikimedia Commons is a collection of useful, free content media files.

It is curated by a worldwide open and multilingual community that shares a commitment to improving the collection.

Wikimedia Commons is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation and this is our contribution, as part of the Wikimedia community, to furthering the Foundation's vision and mission.


This document aims to be a link between the Foundation's Mission and Vision statements, and Commons' own policies and guidelines. It will be useful in determining new policies and community practices.

It should be widely advertised both within Commons and within Wikimedia before consensus adoption. Any substantial additions or changes should go through the same wide, slow advertising before approval.



  • We take Wikimedia as our measure for utility. Thus something is considered useful if it could be utilised by another project of the Wikimedia Foundation. -->Commons:Project scope
  • Neutrality: Works free from unacknowledged bias are more useful than those otherwise.

free content[edit]

media files[edit]


'Open' means that newcomers are welcomed and encouraged to join the community by sharing our commitment.

  • (Education)


  • ....


'Improving' means

  • improving access (RSS, search, playback, i18n?)
  • improving annotation (accuracy, detail, i18n)
  • improving range/coverage (creating new works, adding existing free works from elsewhere)
  • improving technical quality (cleanup)
  • Recognising high quality works as such (related to access)
  • Actively seeking to remove non-free works (Commons:Deletion requests)

Not needed?[edit]

Something superfluous?

Not mentioned[edit]


  • Is it important that most/all of the community are volunteers?


Be bold[edit]