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I'm Richard, a biology student living in Auckland, New Zealand and studying at the University of Auckland. I take photos and videos on my digital camera as well as uploading material I get elsewhere. I also organize files by moving them around, creating new categories and others pages. I often add links to Commons on Wikipedia pages. Unfortunately Commons isn't used nearly often enough by Wikipedians, and there are a mountain of images that should really have been uploaded here. I often move images here using CommonsHelper, especially on articles I'm involved with, and I also do my best to encourage editors at other projects to upload here.

I have been mainly involved with the English Wikipedia project, but have been quite active here for about a year. My current work here involves scanning, editing and uploading from public domain literature, moving photos from Wikipedia and Flickr. I'm working on uploading all the images from Henry Walter Bates' Naturalist on the River Amazons, Charles Bell's Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, and Alfred Wallace's The Malay Archipelago.

In the future I hope to upload more of my own audio/video files, and learn to make some diagrams (graphs etc) for Wikipedia articles. I would also like to see a proper featured media system rather than the somewhat arbitrary and static rotation we have at the moment. Not only do we need new files but we need a selection process and before that we need more help material on audio and video files (see below).


  • Add interwiki links to Wikipedia (example). A lot of pages don't have these. I find it useful to go to en.wikipedia, then copy all the 'in other languages' links from there, adding en: as well of course. en.wikipedia often has the largest number of links to other languages, so is a good place to go for this. Advantages include tightening connections between wikis and allowing non-English speakers to find a translation for the name of the page.
  • Categorize. Add as many categories as you can think of. If you're not sure browse existing categories for possibilities. Not categorizing images (or adding them to galleries) makes them more difficult to find and may result in people unknowingly uploading the same image again. If a category doesn't exist, you might like to be bold and create it, or just have a red link to it. You could also leave a hidden comment (code: <!-- Hidden comment -->) for potential categories.
  • Get popups.

Recent contributions[edit]

Some of my recent contributions here. Comments welcome.

Pages created (e.g. categories and galleries)[edit]

I mainly create categories; galleries are a luxury and not always necessary. Creating categories for new species in a photo is fairly routine so I generally leave these out; see the uploads section below.

  1. Category:Galliformes videos (order of birds including chickens, pheasants...)
  2. Category:Nicky Wire (musician)
  3. Papilio phorcas (butterfly)
  4. Category:Mollusc videos
  5. Category:Eclosion (emergence of an adult insect from pupal stage)
  6. Papilio dardanus (a butterfly species)
  7. Category:Bird sounds
  8. Category:Dick Smith Electronics
  9. Category:New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Category:Arthropods of New Zealand and Category:Arthropods by country
  10. Category:Popa spurca (mantid)


Many can be found at Category:Uploads by User:Richard001

Original images[edit]

Upload your own work, GeoLocator

For all see Category:Original uploads by User:Richard001. I have a lot of my own photos that I could upload but I need to identify the species in many of them first, and I also have to sort out some way of organizing them (maybe on a wiki?). See also Video below, which may include some of my own.

Public domain images[edit]

Upload file; The Malay Archipelago images; for more see Category:Uploads from public domain works by User:Richard001

Moved from Wikipedia[edit]

See also Category:Commons page requests

I'm currently trying to clear out all the gull images. I would like to know exactly how many Commons compatible images there are at en.wikipedia; I suspect the number here could grow by a significant proportion if they were all moved (certainly by at least 100,000). The difficult thing is getting people to move them. And to upload here in the first place.

To move:

Flickr images[edit]

External link, Cropbot, Flickr2Commons, Alternative

Although we can only upload CC-BY and CC-BY-SA images from Flickr, it should be noted that people will often change the license if you ask them nicely (I'm working on getting some statistics on this; see User:Richard001/Flickr requests study). If you don't have a Flickr account I can try to get a photo for you.

Users who don't want to release: macronyx, skenaja, tim ellis, benji.schwartz, arthurgrosset, Octavio Campos Salles (confirmed), Amaro Leite, rgibbo3, Marcio ruiz, Marié (33°Suid), Ron Wolf

Low res: Fabrice Schmitt, mpgoodey, Swenglishnick & Zimgirl, Pia's birdseye view (will release poorer photos fully)

Users who might provide more photos: Ragnhild & Neil Crawford, Alan Manson, Hogsas, nmcrotalus, BDG2007, joel rosenthal, tj.haslam, ajmatthehiddenhouse

See Category:Flickr files uploaded by User:Richard001 for all


Online converter, OTRS, YouTube

As well as photos there are plenty of videos out there on the internet. YouTube and Flickr are quite good sources, though there are others too. Uploading them here is a bit more tricky than photos from Flickr, but still doable. If there is anything there that you would like to see uploaded here I'm willing to ask the uploader for you. I can also take my own videos as well as photos; if there's anything you think I might be able to get please ask me. I can take videos of a reasonable quality on my digital camera, but don't have a specialist video camera yet. I know little about converting files to the ogg format though, so this is something I need to work on. I also want to see a page like User:Richard001/Commons:Video draft developed.

  • Look for one of a cheetah (upload the one(s) offered)
  • New Zealand bird goldmine here
See Category:Video uploads by User:Richard001 for all


Upload everything from this US Fish and Wildlife Service page (24/40). See Category:Audio files from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. We also need a help page for audio files, such as finding, creating, converting etc.

See Category:Audio files uploaded by User:Richard001 for all

To do/outstanding issues/ideas[edit]

If you should feel like helping with any of these tasks please go ahead!

  • Commons:Miscellaneous requests? (e.g. gallery, category, template requests)
  • Should be able to see no. of edits from user contributions screen, also new pages created, preferably with the option of by type and excluding redirects.
  • Flickr
    • Bot (login: normal but richard001 (lowercase))
      • How can I get a Flickr bot to add a category for me automatically?
      • Flickr bot should add Category:Flickr automatically
      • If no .jpg is given, it should show an error rather than an 'everything seems to be OK' message
      • Flickr2Commons is telling me images are already here when they are not - seems to be confusing vaguely similar and identical pictures.
      • Identical uploads should not be allowed (e.g. Image:Tawny-throated Leaftosser (Sclerurus mexicanus).jpg)
      • When it says the image is already here, why doesn't it give you a link?
    • Flickr site:
      • Requests?
      • Try to get Flickr to put the copyright status on the thumbnail so you don't have to view each image separately to know.
      • Last login of users, like on YouTube, would help idenfify inactive members
      • Being able to change the license of all your images at once, or at least choosing from a checkbox list (you can't do that, right?)
      • Being able to see any new results that match certain criteria (e.g. new uploads containing certain keywords)
      • Searching sent mail (e.g. for a certain recipient)
      • Should be able to see how long a video is from the search results menu
    • Here
      • Flickr request template
      • Ideally we should have a list of people who aren't interested in releasing images (so people don't keep bothering them).
      • Wikimedia takes Flickr? (see Wikipedia Takes Manhattan)
      • Compile some stats for success rates of license change requests (does it differ by current license, and perhaps by subject?)
      • Should be easier to upload from Flickr when the toolserver is down. Post a link, fields are automatically filled.
      • Batch uploading?
  • For images that are part of a series, perhaps add a 'next' and 'previous' image navigation tool (perhaps as a template), e.g. figures in a book.
  • Image:Insectivorous_Plants_Figure_1.png and Image:Darwin Drosera rotundifolia 1.jpg - delete the latter?
  • CommonsHelper bugs
    • Should ignore image:
    • Should have the option to watch pages you have moved
    • Why does it scramble letters like é?
    • Should add | for interwiki links (actually the w: should not appear by default, but what can you do?)
    • Doesn't seem to handle the new File: prefix well
  • Why is their no 'edit summary' for uploads?
  • Assessment at Commons
  • Unidentified vs. unknown?
  • Automated assistance with categorization?
  • Automated galleries?
  • What's up w/ trusted user status?
  • Any fast way to "say" e.g. 'redirect to category of the same name' or '[[en:page of the same name]]? Could it be done?
  • Do double redirect fixing bots fix category redirect links?
  • Category:Female animals issue
  • Should we have a (non-redirect) page Commons:Video (see User:Richard001/Commons:Video draft) (and Commons:Audio)? What would they contain?
  • Categories for video with/without audio (how common are each?)
  • Should we have newish files shown on the main page, somewhat similar to WP's Did you know?
  • Life size images? (TOL)
  • Find all pages that start with #REDIRECT [[Category:
  • Category redirects - perhaps we should have more than an essay?
  • Alternative forms of media? (read up)
  • How can I find out how many (unique) files are in a category?
  • Gallery categories?
  • Most wanted categories?
  • Speed up or slow down videos?
  • PLoS images?

Categorizing galleries[edit]

We need a standard way of categorizing galleries that have a category on the same subject. There are three current methods:

  1. Categorize the gallery just as the category is categorized (e.g. Acrochordus arafurae and Category:Acrochordus arafurae). This has the disadvantage of making the category and gallery invisible to each other unless you look in the higher level category that they share.
  2. Categorize the gallery just as the category is categorized, but also include it in the category
  3. Just categorize the gallery by placing it in the category, and let the category do the rest (e.g. University of Auckland and Category:University of Auckland) (this has the disadvantage that the gallery is invisible in higher level categories)

How common are each of these methods?

To create[edit]

Some more: w:Category:Commons page requests