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Sadly, I am not active anymore on Wikimedia's projects and plan to retire completely. Explanation? Please see User:Saibo/WMF (in short: it is Wikimedia Foundation's and, in the meantime, the “community's” failing).
This is not indicative of breaking any Wikimedia policies.

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“সাইবো“ – Saibo” transliterated in Bengali script    Hi! Please visit also my de.wikipedia user page.

License information on derivative works created by me[edit]

In case the copyright situation is not clear: Whenever I create derivative works (DW), someone assumes a copyright eligibility of my work, and I did not make any notes on this on the file page: I do not intend to restrict the free status of the original work with my DW. So please assume the original license or a equivalent one. E.g. if I do a DW of a PD-old file please assume my work, if eligible for copyright, to be put into the PD, too (or CC-0 in that case).

Notice board with general information about Commons[edit]

I know that you to not want to see that artworks and humans!

Persona non grata get blocked by WMF[edit]

Main article: /WMF.

… without any reason. Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Geni's allegations against Beta M#Global lock (block log)

US-centric deletion[edit]

SFCP (Special Forces Cleanup Project)[edit]

<hidden since you do not want to see this>

Low impact follow-up[edit]

Jimbo, the vandal[edit]

I do not condone the actions of Jimbo Wales regarding the deletion of material of sexual content, that go as far as deleting illustrations and artwork. Check out: meta:Requests for comment/Remove Founder flag and meta:Petition to Jimbo. Jimbo’s founder flag lost the technical rights (which enabled him to do the out of process deletions at Commons) in that course.

„[…] there was so much hardcore pornography on commons that there’s still some left in nooks and crannies.“ Jimbo Wales May 8 13:08:31 UTC
„In the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted, I've just now removed virtually all permissions to actually do things from the "Founder" flag.“
„I do not want to be a tyrant or dictator. I do not want us to fight about that kind of thing“ hindsight (or similar) – Jimbo May 9 09:46:50 UTC

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