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This User created the images presented below[edit]

Snapshot of earthquake-like crash testing [2]
Sails-Rigging Blast Protective Structural Shield [4]

18-story model on earthquake protectors: shake-table test [5]
GERB springs-with-damper base isolator under a town-house
CSUN parking structure after the 1994 Northridge earthquake
Kinematically equivalent building models on a shake-table [6]
Earthquake-protective Elevated Building Foundation [7]
Snapshot of a 6-story non-ductile concrete building model shake-table testing [8]

EPET [10] enabled concurrent computational testing of two models

Computer animation using Earthquake Performance Evaluation Tool [11]
Shake-table testing of load on Friction Pendulum Bearings
Earthquake-Protective Building Buffer [12]
E-Defense Shake Table [14]
Seismically retrofitted Municipal Services Building in Glendale, CA
Close-up of abutment of seismically retrofitted Municipal Services Building in Glendale, CA
Bottom view of the Municipal Services Building sitting on abutments of its elevated building foundation, City of Glendale, CA
Comparative shake table testing of a regular building model (left) and a model with Building elevation control (right)
Snapshot of concurrent testing of a base isolated (right) and a regular (left) models.
Earthquake imitation time-history Cone [15]
PrintScreen of an EPETO generated animation of a 9-story building model. [16]

] ]

Shock Evader on the shake-table at the California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles
Earthquake-Protective Building Buffer, exploded view [17]

Act of baptizing by immersion, Odessa
Seismogram of Sylmar085 earthquake in fractions of gravity acceleration, UCSD
Triple-face simulation seismogram Cone [18], NEES-2006-0283, CSUN - CSULB
Kid's morning beat fitness exercise.
NEEShub presentation snapshot [19].
Assembly of four earthquake protectors.
Print-Screen of Wikipedia page by Flock.
Animation of shake-table testing a 6-story model placed on an earthquake protector.
Concurrent testing animation of a base isolated (right) and a regular (left) models.
File:Vibration control with Earthquake protector.jpg
Snapshot of shake-table testing a 6-story model placed on an earthquake protector.
Proposed logo for Earthquake engineering profession online.
Testing of Earthquake protective foundation located under the right model.
Earthquake protector: testing animation.
Animation of a two-tear-old boy jogging.
Final seconds of a concurrent shake table testing of two 12-story building models.
Concurrent testing of building models: the right one is on earthquake protectors. [20]

File:Seismic fitness.jpg
Seismic fitness of a model scrutinized at an outdoor shake-table.of UCSD.
18-story models: with earthquake protectors (right photo) and without (left one} waiting for testing on a shake-table.
File:Bri Teresi at gym.gif
Hollywood model Briana Teresi[22].
Mr. California 2014 [23] and a seven years old kid at power training.

Three bodybuilders at the stage.
File:Seismic Sustainability through Earthquake Protector.gif
Concurrent testing of a 6-story building model with (right) and without Earthquake protector (left).
File:A senior jumping up on a pile of steps.gif
A senior jumping up on a pile of steps, Hollywood.
File:High intensity training.gif
High intensity training by a senior, Hollywood.

File:Pull-ups by a senior.gif
Pull-ups on one hand by a senior.

File:Senior Defence-2.gif
Senior Defence (SD) exercise No 2.
File:Senior Defence-3.gif
Senior Defence (SD) exercise No 3.
File:Senior Defence-4.gif
Senior Defence (SD) exercise No 4.
File:Senior Defence-5.gif
Senior Defence (SD) exercise No 5.
A senior standing on the head only.

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