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My approach[edit]

Please note that I do not attempt to classify images to all possible categories or by adding them to pages. I however ensure that they belong to at least one suitable category and include the description which has the keywords needed for a searcher to find the image. In all likelihood the image will also be in use on a relevant page on the English wikipedia.

It is particularly unfortunate that Commons / Mediawiki lacks the semantic plugin or other such alternatives - which can lead to a potential explosion of categories. For instance there is "Category:Bird family Y" and "category:Birds of Location X" and then there are passing users who create "category:Birds of Location X belong to family Y" - this is clearly non-scaleable. I think temporal, geographic, conceptual classes need to be kept apart and no combinations should be made (eg:prefer India, 1887 as two categories rather than India in 1887). Categories should be "atomic" - similar to Codd's rule.

I believe that spatial categories, especially as used for organisms, should not be done with named entities - we ought to have either bounding rects or coordinate polygons and all search should be based on a table of named entities and shapes. Definitely something for Wikidata to aim for.


Done till

  • Ibis 1922
  • PZSL 1903 2

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